He althy and delicious

He althy and delicious
He althy and delicious

The “He althy and Tasty” contest has ended.

Thanks to all the ladies who participated. As we have been frank with you before, and now we will not do much differently, we will immediately draw attention to the fact that we have not tried your recipes, much less tested their he alth effects after consumption.:-)

However, hoping to be as objective as possible, here are the contestants receiving the awards:

Violeta Gospodinova receives a blender for her recipes Energy Breakfast, Afternoon Breakfast with Oats, Vegetarian Casserole.

Mariyka Todorova gets a juicer for her recipes Cream of onion soup, Vegetable soup, Peppers stuffed with carrots.

The toaster belongs to Marina Boneva, and her recipes are Zucchini Fantasy, Natural salad, Risotto with vegetables.

Unfortunately, delicious is almost always unhe althy.:-)

We will send e-mails to the awardees, in which, as usual, we will ask those living outside Sofia to send us their correct postal addresses in order to send them the prizes, and we will ask those living in Sofia to come to our office on Friday between 9am and 4pm to claim their prize there. The office is at the address "Nikola Slavkov" Str. 41, floor 3, apartment 26 phone: 954 32 99

Thanks again, Below are links to all recipes.

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