How much is the lunch break?

How much is the lunch break?
How much is the lunch break?

For those who don't know, lunch break is not only the time you should use to tame the grumbling stomach, but an important element of social communication in the company. In other words, shared food brings the team together. When, if not at lunch, will you have a free chat with your colleagues. That's why the collective midday raids on the nearby establishments serve.

And since the market economy does not sleep, and the demand determines the supply, numerous diners, culinary shops and bistros have sprung up, where in addition to the painfully familiar pizzas by the slice, princesses and sandwiches, there are also various meatballs, salads and ready-to-eat dishes. Your lunch will be out at 2. BGN 00 to BGN 3.00 and up - it depends on how much you can afford.

The prices of ready-made sandwiches are very different and depend on the products put into them. A huge loaf or two slices of bread will cost you between 2.00 and 3.00 BGN, and the filling is very different. There is a vegetarian one – with yellow cheese and cheese, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage; with sausages; with potato meatball; with schnitzel, etc. The cheapest is a princess with cheese - 1.20 BGN. A slice of pizza is 1.50 BGN, and a doner - 3.00 BGN. If you haven't tried falafel - try it - a fried meatball is between 0.30 and 0.50 BGN, and a falafel sandwich is 2.20 BGN.-satisfying just as well as a traditional meat döner. You know about patties and buns - on average BGN 0.60-0.90

If you follow a certain diet and eat certain foods, you should bring a homemade lunch. A bowl of muesli and yogurt, a box in which you carefully put meatballs and salad or mish-mash that you reserved from dinner, a homemade sandwich - there are many options. As a price, it certainly comes out cheaper to you. In terms of quality – many times better than bought, because you put exactly the products you want, and you are also sure that they are as fresh as possible. To prepare a homemade lunch for the office, you will need no more than ten minutes to assemble and pack. In case you have convinced your children to eat he althy and prepare a homemade lunch for them too - multiply the minutes by the number of sandwiches.

If you find it too laborious, you can take turns - one day you eat out, one day you bring from home. All that's left is to overcome the shame of being teased for eating he althy or being tight.

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