7 steps to improve metabolism

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7 steps to improve metabolism
7 steps to improve metabolism

In our desire to achieve a good figure, we try all kinds of diets, often forgetting about the speed at which our body burns the food we eat and converts it into energy. Metabolism is a key factor in losing extra pounds.

Even the smallest adjustment in a person's metabolism can lead to weight gain or weight loss. We share 7 simple steps to improve your metabolism.

The following three things should always be present on your menu

Whenever you eat, try to include he althy fats, protein and/or fiber in your diet to help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Don't forget the fat

Your menu should also include he althy fats. Excluding them from the diet runs the risk of increasing cravings for sugar and sugar products, as well as harmful processed foods. That's why eat good and he althy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, foods rich in fat like somga, avocados, nuts and others.


Avoid foods you are sensitive to

Sometimes these can turn out to be some of your favorite foods. However, you should know that consuming food to which you are intolerant can cause many painful symptoms, but also lead to weight gain.

Plant foods are more than good

If you don't have the opportunity to eat plant-based food twice a day, try to have it occupy half of your plate. Otherwise, it means you're not getting enough of it. Vegetables are important not only for maintaining general he alth, but also when you want to improve your metabolism


Don't get stuck

Long hours of sitting, reduced physical activity slow down your metabolism. Try to take short breaks at work throughout the day to move around. Visit the gym more often or do light gymnastics at home. Evening walks have a great effect on digestion, mood and metabolism.

Demand more from your food

The food you consume should not only be tasty, but also useful. When you sit down to eat, think about whether this food will provide you with useful nutrients, whether it will harm your he alth, how it will affect your body and mind, in half an hour, a few hours, or the next day.

Do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach

When you want to improve your metabolism, limit the consumption of drinks to one a day. Your liver will thank you.

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