5 foods and drinks that eliminate water weight

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5 foods and drinks that eliminate water weight
5 foods and drinks that eliminate water weight

When we want to lose extra pounds, we know that we must follow a he althy diet and exercise regularly. Our body needs time to get used to this new regime. However, sometimes we find it difficult to eliminate water weight. There are days when we retain more excess fluids. Fluctuations in hormones, eating more carbs, sugar and s alt are just some of the reasons for water weight. See how you can easily change this, starting of course with reduction to a minimum the consumption of s alt and no sugar.


Coffee is known as a diuretic drink that helps eliminate excess fluids from the body. Of course, you should not overdo it with its consumption. Up to 2-3 cups per day are considered he althy coffee consumption.

Consume tomatoes

Tomatoes are great for a diet because they have few calories, contain water and potassium, which help eliminate excess sodium from the body. This, in turn, helps us get rid of excess water weight. Tomatoes are also rich in fiber,which aids bowel movements and also reduces bloating.

Tea with lemon

To eliminate excess water weight, it is not enough to consume a lot of fluids, you must also pay attention to their quality. The juices in a box, the fresh juices, will not help you. In addition to water, coffee, don't miss tea. Add fresh lemon to it as it contains potassium.

Tea consumption keeps us well hydrated, but it also helps reduce excess sodium and regulate blood sugar levels, which, if not normal, are also the cause of water weight. Add dandelion tea, green tea,other herbal teas that you like to your menu.


One of the best spices for weight loss, improving digestion. Ginger has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, reducing inflammation in the colon, helping to calm an upset stomach and relieve gas, bloating. Its consumption helps to burn excess fat, but also to reduce excess fluids

Dill seeds, fresh fennel and parsley

Be sure to add these herbs to your salads and he althy recipes. They not only relieve stomach ailments, reduce the formation of gases, but are also a natural means of reducing water weight. With fennel seeds and parsley, you can also make a decoction that can be consumed pleasantly warm or at room temperature.

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