Lunar diet for February

Lunar diet for February
Lunar diet for February

When is your time of the month to start a diet, detox regimen? The beginning of the week, and maybe the beginning of the new month? The truth is that we should not postpone the change if our body suggests in some way that our previous eating pattern does not tolerate it. Constipation, bloating and flatulence in the abdomen, puffiness in the face, excess fluid retention, fatigue, frequent cravings for sweets, flabby skin… It's time for a reboot. The Moon Diet is a fitting start to a he althier diet.

The diet consists of a regimen that we must follow 24 hours after the beginning of each lunar phase. During this time, only water, herbal teas and fruit and vegetable juices are consumed. Some take these stressful days with ease, while others find it more difficult. They could eat a fresh fruit or vegetable, make a clear vegetable broth.

Do not consume spices, honey, alcohol, pasta, dairy foods, meats. The lunar diet helps the body to eliminate a large part of toxins and excess fluids.

After the phase is over, it is important to continue eating he althy foods. Gradually include boiled potato, broth, some fish, chicken, fresh salads. When you have a sweet tooth, you can replace the treats with dried fruits without added sugars and palm oils, with a little nut tahini or butter, which also has no added flavorings.

Reduce packaged foods, pasta, and already in the first week you will notice that you feel much better. Don't think that you're following a diet, but that you're taking better care of yourself. Sure, treat yourself to some dark chocolate sometimes. Exercise regularly, it will motivate you further.

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