What to eat for a sore throat?

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What to eat for a sore throat?
What to eat for a sore throat?

Many fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices rich in antioxidants can reduce the risk of colds or flu conditions Some of them also have a positive effect on a sore throat, here's why it is recommended that we consume more of them when we are sick. See who they are.


During a cold or flu, fruits are more than recommended. Bananas are soft, easy to swallow and gentle on the throat. Also, these fruits are low on the glycemic index, but rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and of course, vitamin C, which will help to -fast recovery.

Chicken Soup

When we are not in shape, it is recommended to consume nutritious, but at the same time lighter foods, such as chicken soup. That's why whenever we have a cold or the flu, we eat chicken soup enriched with he althy vegetables such as carrots, onions, celery, turnips, potatoes and garlic. All these ingredients, especially the garlic, will boost your body's regenerative powers.

Lemon juice and honey

This is possibly one of the he althiest combinations, especially for those sore throat days. Thanks to it, you will reduce inflammation, pain, reduce sputum discharge and, above all, strengthen immunity.

If you like the taste of ginger you can add grated ginger root to the honey and fresh lemon juice. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, but will also reduce pain.

Boiled carrots

Carrots are an excellent food for days when you have a cold and a sore throat. Have them steamed or baked, as fresh can further irritate your throat. Eat carrots also because they will supply your body with nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber and potassium.


Cooked in a stew, finely chopped or consumed as a fresh juice, cabbage will supply your body with vitamin C, sulfur, vitamin K and other antioxidants. The vegetable has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can even relieve headaches.


The aromatic spice is one of the best when suffering from Add it to teas and warm milk. Cinnamon will not only reduce your discomfort but also relieve a cough if you suffer from it.

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