On the sea in Tsarevo

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On the sea in Tsarevo
On the sea in Tsarevo

What is summer without vacation and vacation without sea? For me, real rest is only by the seashore. To lie on the beach without thinking about anything, reading an interesting book, to bathe in the cool sea waters - just an idyll. Whether we will choose a resort abroad or in Bulgaria, how many stars the hotel will have or what accommodation we will reserve, depends on our financial capabilities or our mood.

Vacation on the native sea is not to be neglected at all - there are already various offers for every taste - from accommodation for BGN 10 per bed to all-inclusive offers in luxury hotels for BGN 100 and more per day. If you are a young company and love the nightlife, look for a resort with more establishments so you don't get bored. To the south of Burgas, Sozopol and Primorsko are just for you. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful corner, without noise, Tsarevo (former Michurin) is the perfect place. Locals say their town has become a preferred family destination, especially for young families with small children.

People hear that the "Vasiliko" district is not good for vacationing - there are no restaurants, the beach is bad, the streets are dug up by excavators, and the sight of frozen construction sites is not pleasant at all. Still, the city itself is another thing - being in the center of civilization.

Here are the merits of Tsarevo:

1. City Beach

For free beaching, the beach strip is wide and long, and there is also a separate one with paid sunbeds and umbrellas. Relatively clean, apart from some debris on the sand. The beach trap, however, opens sometimes around 10.00. But this is not a problem because there is a place to get a drink and coffee nearby.

In the first week of July, the beach is half full, that is, you have enough space around the towel without listening to the neighbors' conversations.

The sea is extremely shallow all along the coast, which makes it suitable for wading around for the little ones.

2. breakfast

There is a very good local bakery in town for snacks that starts selling as early as seven o'clock in the morning - a wide variety of four types of patties, a variety of buns, pizzas and delicious pastries - all freshly made, warm and fragrant. You buy breakfast and sit down at the restaurant across the street to drink your morning coffee.

3. Restaurants

The cheapest is in the center next to the municipality. There they offer a salad bar for BGN 0.50, salads per levche and several types of chicken with rice, potatoes, a side dish - about BGN 2.00 per portion.

In the city there is also a pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant, as well as many small restaurants with a variety of dishes. Almost all have a lunch menu - different every day. Unlike previous years, the lean manji is much more – you can eat bean stew, lentil soup, potato cream soup, stewed vegetables and the typical summer dishes like peppers with tomato sauce and zucchini with yogurt.

4. He althcare

There is a city hospital - in case you need medical attention.

5. Internet

There is an internet club where you can check your mail or browse the news.

There is a free internet zone if you bring a laptop - located in the central park, in the city center.

6. On the market

There has been a shop in Tsarevo for years, especially for flip-flops - children's, men's and women's. It is located on the main street, near the sea garden. Nowhere else is there such a wide variety of models, and the prices are quite decent, and compared to Sofia, they are much cheaper. Worth buying something.

7. Fun for the kids

Tsarevo has a wonderful sea garden, with nice avenues and green areas. If you travel by car, take the child a stroller, bike, skateboard, scooter or skates - here he can drive them as he pleases. In the garden there is a nice children's corner with climbing frames, slides and swings. You can also shoot at the classic shooting range from your childhood. There are also strollers for rent, a corner to paint ceramic figurines and a corner to catch plastic ducks with prizes.

Regardless of what the official statistics say, there are places in the hotels and lodgings, you can leave without a reservation and find yourself on "wanted". For a family of three in a hotel for BGN 55 per night and almost as much for food per day, for seven days, the vacation costs about BGN 800

Do you smell the sea

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