An ordinary day of a superwoman

An ordinary day of a superwoman
An ordinary day of a superwoman

We offer you to read a fascinating, unadulterated and true account of how a typical day of a superwoman goes. One of the many, those like you who skillfully juggle everyday tasks, managing to be good housewives and caring mothers at the same time.

I love Saturday mornings. It's always nice to wake up and know you're going to have a wonderful day with your loved ones. I get up and after a quick shower I go to buy fresh orange juice and croissants for breakfast. My husband and little one are still asleep, of course, but I won't be waking them up early today. Let them rest, and I will prepare everything during this time.

At night I have run the washing machine and take out the laundry, which smells incredibly fresh. I lie down and sit down to have breakfast with my favorite men. While my husband is still enjoying his coffee and the little one is already engrossed in his games, I start preparing lunch. I will also make a delicious fruit dessert to surprise them.

In the afternoon we will all go for a walk together in the park – we might even meet up with our friends so our kids can have fun together. Before that, though, I'll have to declutter and clean - Kaloyan's toys are everywhere, and I keep our home cozy and tidy. At that time, I will send Victor to do the shopping for the week - everyone with their tasks.

We are already in the park. The children are so eager to see each other that as soon as they meet, they run to the climbing frames. While they run wild, we'll have a drink and talk in peace. Right after that, I'll take Kaloyan to practice, and while I'm waiting for him to finish, I'll pop over to the beauty salon. I don't allow myself to compromise with my appearance - I always have to look perfect. This applies to everything around me - home, clothes, food, career - everything has to be perfect.

Even now, I know that after practice there will be traces of the muddy football field all over the little one's clothes, but I'm not worried at all - I know that I have reliable partners that I can count on.

After dinner I leave Viktor and Kaloyan to have fun "in a manly way", and in the meantime I start preparing for Monday. I have to get the little one's clothes and backpack ready for school, iron Victor's shirt, and then quickly go over my work report. I have to run the washing machine one more time to clean Kaloyan's training gear. I don't have time for the long program, so I'll put the clothes on the short one. I know that even at 30 C with Ariel and Indesit I will get flawless results. That way I'll even save some time to spend talking on the phone with my girlfriends.

I like to take care of everything and everyone, especially when I see appreciation in the eyes of loved ones. Sometimes I wonder where I find strength and desire for all this… Some say I'm superwoman. Maybe they are right… Come to think of it, all the women around me are actually superwomen – my mom, my girlfriends, my office colleagues…

If you also know women with similar superpowers, now is your chance to thank them for all the efforts they make every day.

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Iva Doichinova is also in the superwomen team, and maybe one day her daughter will be there too (the photo above).

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