Siyana's chocolate

Siyana's chocolate
Siyana's chocolate

For Siyana, hunger rhymed with chocolate – the optimal opportunity to fill and satisfy emotionally. It was up to you with the important ingredients of the treat to insure yourself against the scolding of your "Perpetual Dieting" girlfriends. He produced generous proofs of the type "100 grams of chocolate contain… useful substances". She was convinced that chocolate banishes stress, tickles the hormones of happiness, smoothes wrinkles, has an excellent effect on the skin, improves self-esteem. Except that it does not protect against unwanted pregnancy. Still. In one word, for her Chocolate was love, and in another - happiness. Siyana's board books were "Like Hot Water for Chocolate" and "Chocolate Paradise", her favorite strip was "Chocolate" with Juliette Binoche, her favorite cafe also had a sweet name, and the love she was looking for was again associated with dark sweet temptation. He collected recipes for drinks and sweets specifically with chocolate. This occupation of hers was closely related to her weight, but the important thing was that the soul was happy. Chocolate with mint, with hot pepper, white with raisins, truffles with coconut, chocolate clams with crème brûlée, black and melange, with nuts, fruit filling or sesame… Mmm

Her imagination led her to the most diverse shops and pastry shops. She had become the Chocolate Guide of the city. Another day, however, a new dessert with orange peels and dark chocolate slipped by. She was ready for anything to have him. Shopping trips proved pointless, but the brochure that sat on her desk clearly indicated that He existed. She decided to take the afternoon off in order to crown her wanderings with success.

Started the tour with gusto. As he sauntered through the streets, he ravaged several small chocolate bars and a small box of chocolate truffles. The salary could not reach for anything else, but for the milk-butter-cocoa challenge - always. Her energy came to find the secluded shop, decided in the retro style of the 60s. Even the music, the little farts with red dots and the cups as wide as coffee and cocoa cups proved it. A petite woman with a huge bun and a pink dress gathered at the waist was dressed at the counter. He looked at her adoringly:

– So you're the orange peel chocolate seeker? Very good choice, congratulations! Now for your refined attention - my promotion. It has an important ingredient included. No, it's not vitamins and calcium, of course! Don't be ridiculous! But still I have a requirement for buyers as it is a special series. You undertake to consume only chocolate - in all its forms and varieties - within a period of one month. And you get the desired sweetness! You know that only here you will find what you are looking for… - chirped the woman.

Siyana was silent, thought very little and bought a whole kilogram of dark chocolate with orange peels.

Both the tiny lady and Siyana were happy with the deal. It remained for the second to realize the promise.

At the end of the month Siyana realized a few important things. Size even mattered with chocolate, regardless of the opinions on the forums. Quantity can play a trick on you. Even hard chocolate can give you a headache at some point. Chocolate doesn't go without sex. You can't get through a whole month with just chocolate, unlike sex. Do I need to tell you that Siyana didn't visit the little shop, decidedly retro 60s style, with a friendly saleswoman in a strange pink dress? By the way, Siyana doesn't like orange peels anymore. See, chocolate is another matter…

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