What is the main difference between white and brown sugar?

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What is the main difference between white and brown sugar?
What is the main difference between white and brown sugar?

Brown sugar is one of the alternatives to white refined sugar, considered he althier. But is this really so? To find out the answer to this question we will look at the similarities and differences between white and brown sugar.

There are different types of sugar. White sugar is refined. It is mainly used for baked goods that require rising. This process is impossible when using brown sugar of any variety because brown sugar contains molasses and this is the essential difference between it and white sugar.

Molasses is a natural impurity in sugar, which is contained to varying degrees in different types of brown sugar. In light brown granulated types of sugar, the concentration of molasses is the least. It is greatest in dark brown types of sugar, such as muscovado and turbonado. That's why their texture is sticky and heavy.

White sugar is freed from molasses with further processing and refining.

Brown types of sugar contain a significantly higher amount of moisture. This makes them suitable for making sticky, crunchy recipes that don't require leavening. They are suitable for sauces, marinades for meat and barbecue, in the preparation of syrups.

Can we tell which sugar is he althier, brown sugar or white sugar?

When it comes to the caloric value of the two main types of sugar, they are very similar in terms of calories. What's more, the calories in sugar, whether it's white, light brown, or dark brown, are empty. That is, they have almost no added nutritional value.

Brown sugars contain more calcium and iron than white sugar, making them a he althier option. However, sugars in all their varieties cause a spike in blood sugar levels, making them inadvisable for people with diabetes and those prone to diabetes. They are the basis for weight gain, the appearance of inflammation in the body, the deterioration of he alth and the appearance of cardiovascular diseases.

In that case, which sugar should you choose?

It all depends on your preferences, what you plan to cook with sugar and above all what your he alth is and does it allow sugar consumption.

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