Women serve in the repair shop for broken electrical appliances

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Women serve in the repair shop for broken electrical appliances
Women serve in the repair shop for broken electrical appliances

Most often women have a problem with electrical appliances, and the main reason is that a man hardly touches a vacuum cleaner, iron and pressure cooker. Here is a list of the most common mistakes when using household electrical appliances:

I dropped the iron

Women rarely admit in the repair shop that they dropped the iron on the floor. And this is 95% of the causes of failure.

Vacuum cleaner overheating

You turn on the vacuum cleaner to maximum and want to clean 100 square meters at once - every corner, railing, plus the sofa, the armchairs, the doormats, the soft seats of the chairs in the dining room, the plush cushions in the children's room, the cobwebs on the ceilings and suddenly it stops working. Turn it off, let it rest for half an hour or until the next day, and turn it on again, changing the bag and filter first. It is possible that after it has cooled down, the motor will sing your favorite song again. Most modern vacuum cleaners have protection against overheating, which, after the device cools down, allows it to work again.


You heat food in non-microwave containers and it burns. You or your guests pull the door with all their might when it opens with a special button.

You don't clean it regularly from the accumulated grease and it blocks the rotating device of the plate, or it is incorrectly placed.


You forgot to add shine and s alt and the dishes don't shine. The washing powder is not for your model, the powder does not dissolve and the dishes do not wash. You don't clean the food residue well and the dishes are not washed well, or the crumbs clog the filter, as a result of which water starts to drip from the door, or the "plug" of dirt clogs the drain pipe of the machine.

You do not arrange the dishes properly, they rest on the fin and the machine blocks.

Pressure cooker

Due to carelessness, you did not close the lid properly and the pot fumes like challah and you are afraid that it might explode. Turn off the heat immediately, remove the pot, let it cool and close again. Make sure the stove is on medium heat.

There is a wise thought: "He who does not work, does not break." Although a little more attention to the technique at home will save you nerves and money for repairs. If your husband has been telling you what to do wrong when using electrical appliances, it's a good idea to listen to him. Usually men understand more about technique.

And do you negotiate your technical safety instructions?

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