Most preferred forms for Easter cakes, cupcakes and cookies

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Most preferred forms for Easter cakes, cupcakes and cookies
Most preferred forms for Easter cakes, cupcakes and cookies

Housewives are already thinking about what sweets, cakes and cupcakes to make for the Easter holidays so that they can please their family, relatives and friends.

The most popular are the candies in the shape of flowers, bunnies, ducks. Recipes with butter dough are suitable for them. You make the dough in question, put it in the fridge to harden, then roll out the crust and cut it out with the molds.

Ideal Saturday-Sunday activity with the children. After you bake them, you can decorate them with candy colors, colored pearls, and more.

If you don't have any of the above molds, you can adapt something elliptical (like half a chocolate egg shape) and make an egg mold. Once you decorate them, it can look like both an egg and a chicken, with a little more detail. You've heard the expression - like dough in your hands - you can make anything out of it, as long as you want to.

Cupcake pans

Here, these forms stormed our market as well - lambs, chicks, bunnies. At first I personally was very skeptical, but I experimented with a bunny and now I will tell you why they are comfortable.

They are made with a non-stick surface, but it's still good to spread them liberally with some grease.

The shapes are very fine and it really turns out a beautiful casting. You can also experiment with dough and chocolate. The other advantage is that you can make several similar animal cupcakes from one cupcake batch.

They are great as a gift when you go to visit. You can let your imagination run wild when decorating. Definitely worth it.

Fur coats

Well, this is where the real masters show themselves - aerobatics on EasterBut still, everyone can try to mix some yarn and try to weave a braid, a wreath or another interesting shape. You can use special forms for kozunak, or you can use the most ordinary tray.


Silicone cloths with holes

I don't know if I'm explaining it well enough, other than taking a picture of it. It's actually a silicone stencil with figurines – ducklings, bunnies, flowers… depending on the holiday. These templates are perfect for Easter savory and sweet cakes. Especially if you're not a fan of sugar dough figures.

You just put the template and sprinkle with candies, cinnamon, grated carrots - it depends on your desire and your understanding of a he althy cake.

Disposable forms

Let's not forget them either - muffin paper and foil. Recently, there has been some debate about how safe they are. Their advantage is that when you go to visit you can take a cake or a cake in this form, without having to feel uncomfortable and say "The cake is a gift, but can you give me back the tray…" In such a case, you can stock up on disposable cake and cake tins or make your own Easter baskets to put treats for your relatives and friends.

It would be nice if you also share tried-and-tested recipes so that our cakes and cookies are not only beautiful, but also tasty and useful. On the front page of the site there is a link "Send me your recipe", it's easiest from there.

We have time to exchange experiences.

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