Drink vitamins of love, positive thoughts and yoga

Drink vitamins of love, positive thoughts and yoga
Drink vitamins of love, positive thoughts and yoga

Since March 17, we are already he althier because we drank huge amounts of vitamins from love, he althy food, positive thoughts and good friends. This is what we, the audience, learned at another successful seminar from "Gorichka" - " Здраве".

Once again, Modern Theater was filled to the brim with people thirsty for he althy knowledge and experiences. A pile of red apples from Puls.bg awaited us in the lobby. There were also raw candies, muffins with chamomile tea, organic milk and organic milk, pumpkin rachel, rosehip jam, organic cosmetics. Companies displayed slow and he althy cooking appliances, electronic scales and calorie calculators.

The most laughter and applause went to Miroslav Morski - a musician we know mostly for the song "Crazy, crazy frogs". Miro performed with his guitar 3 cheerful songs about vitamins, love, the sea and other things. The other crowd favorite was the yoga instructor Prakash Chandra Instead of lecturing, Prakash demonstrated and we performed a dozen right-left brain balance and spinal movement exercises – all accompanied by a he althy a good laugh.

Their personal recipes, dramatic vicissitudes and healing thoughts were shared by: Dr. Silvia Elenkova – Center for Integrative Medicine; Irina Dzhambazova – diabet.bg; Martin Ganev – entrepreneur, farmer, aktiv.bg; Kalin Terziyski - writer; Todor Zhelyazkov – manager of Eltrak Bulgaria (eltrakbulgaria.com); Zhelyaz Turlakov - Therapeutic Center "New Beginning" (novonachalo.com); Evgenia Aderska - Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (APOZP); Dr. David Yeroham – psychiatrist, psychotherapist; Dr. Polina Dyakova – pediatrician.

Manuela Maleeva and Manol Peykov did an excellent job as moderators.

Here are a few of the many powerful and memorable moments:

"Walk barefoot all summer, that's how you will build immunity for the winter" - grandmother Vanga, quoted by Martin Ganev

"Let the children get dirty, that's how they build immunity" - grandmother Vanga, quoted by Martin Ganev

"Let's learn to love - from every cell of ours to the adversities that make us improve and go up." - Martin Ganev

"Organic agriculture, closeness to nature and the land is one of the ways to be he althy." - Martin Ganev

"We are he althy when we develop potentials and create, connect with others through love, reflect on our life and enjoy it." Dr. Rumen Bostandzhiev

"The most terrible disease of modern man is the loss of the meaning of life" - a thought of Victor Frankl, quoted by Dr. Rumen Bostandzhiev

“One of the theories about the causes of diabetes, not physiological but psychological, is that the cells cannot absorb happiness. That is, we can't afford to be happy, we don't know how to be happy." Irina Djambazova

“Never speak to a sick person in the conditional mood. "If things go well…" When you meet a cancer patient, don't ask him when he will die, but take him to the cinema." Евгения Адерска

"We live poisoned by our thoughts about the poisons we breathe and eat." "I changed my atomic composition by changing my habits" - Kalin Terziyski.

"Drug addicts are not to blame for what happens to them, but they are responsible for getting out of the problem." Zhelyaz Turlakov

"We must take the essence of Eastern and Western medicine for the benefit of man" - Dr. Silvia Elenkova

"We produce more neurons if we move more, but if we learn more, we put these neurons into a network." - Dr. Dimitar Kolev

"There is a cancer hospital in Canada where, in parallel with traditional treatment, reiki therapy is also carried out." - Kalinka Stajkova

“Some of the principles of Reiki: right today do not get angry; just today don't worry; respect parents, teachers and elders; respect the world of all with whom His Majesty Life meets you; earn your living honestly; be grateful." Kalinka Staykova

“I hope this forum will not give ready answers, but make people search within themselves for their truth about he alth.” - unknown who.

So we spent a fruitful Saturday listening to lectures, eating delicious food, meeting nice people. There's no way we haven't become he althier Perhaps the lobby lacked a few sports equipment such as dumbbells, balls, ropes or steppers, with which we could move our bodies in the spirit of the theme. Thank you, "Gorichka" for the perfect organization and wonderful experiences! We look forward to your next forum.

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