January 7 – Happy name day to Ivan and Ivana

January 7 – Happy name day to Ivan and Ivana
January 7 – Happy name day to Ivan and Ivana

On January 7, the Orthodox Church celebrates Midsummer - the day of St. John, who baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.

Saint John the Baptist is also called the Forerunner because he predicted the coming of Christ to earth and prepared the way for the Messiah with his preaching.

Long live and he althy the name of Ivan, Ivana, Ivanka, Ivanina, Vanina, Banya, Vanyo, Ioan, Ioana, Kaloyan, Yovko, Yovka, Ivaylo, Ivayla, Ivo, Ivona, Jean, Zhana, Yana.

On this day, folk custom commands the best men or brother-in-law to "bath" by publicly sprinkling water on the newlyweds, who have married a year ago. The young family must welcome their guests and bring wine, cow and meat to the best man.

In Southwestern Bulgaria, newlyweds and little girls up to 1 year old bathe. Ritual bathing also includes the exchange of gifts, as well as guest visits and a festive meal. The popular idea of St. Ivan as the patron saint of godfathers and brotherhood determines visits to godfathers.

Bulgarian folk tradition connects the rites and customs of St. John's Day with the cleansing power of water consecrated the day before. The period of the so-called "dirty days" have passed and everyone looks forward to the fulfillment of the predictions of good he alth, prosperity and a happy life.

The ritual meal on Midsummer's Day includes: boiled wheat, beans, oshav, pie, kravavitsa, baked sausage, pork ribs with cabbage.

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