About first love and second chances

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About first love and second chances
About first love and second chances

Engaging and fun, this novel is the perfect summer read!

Kiss Me Like This” is the first book in the Cottonbloom romance series.

About the author

Laura Trentham lives in South Carolina. Despite her great love for literature, she chooses a more pragmatic profession - a chemical engineer. However, her passion for books still prevails and today she divides her time between raising her children and writing romantic novels.

The first book in the " Cottonbloom" series - "Kiss Me Like This" has been extremely well received by readers. And the second - "Then He Kissed Me" was named by Amazon as one of the best romantic reads of 2016.


About Kiss Me Like This

A river divides Cottonbloom into two: rich and poor. On both sides there are people with limited thinking and rigid understandings. It turns out that sophistication is fake, and the coast is cozier than the most expensive house.

Cade Fornette has been taking care of his brother and sister since the age of sixteen after the sudden death of their parents. Sometimes he has to break the rules, which gets him into trouble with the police. At the first opportunity, he decides to escape from his past and prove to himself that he can achieve more in life.

Monroe Kirby grew up we althy and lives in a huge luxury house, but only she knows how cold it is inside. One night she is forced to flee her home and seek a hiding place outside. Finds him by the river - at Cade's.

Years later, fate brings Monroe and Cade together in their hometown. Does Monroe still need asylum? Has Cade achieved everything he dreamed of? The past brought them together once, but is it enough to keep them together?

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