Light chocolate cake

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Light chocolate cake
Light chocolate cake


Chocolate cake with crispy crust

It can be prepared 3 days before the holiday, so if you prepare it today, you will be ready to welcome guests on March 8th.

Products for 8 servings:

250 g chocolate

25 g melted cow butter

1 tablespoon rum

175 g crushed biscuits

40 g honey

40 g sugar

360 ml whipped sour cream

To decorate: crushed biscuits, melted chocolate and cocoa powder


A mold with a diameter of about 20 cm is greased with oil, on the bottom of which kitchen paper is placed. Mix 50 g of chocolate, butter and rum in a bowl in a water bath until they are homogenized and melted well. The crushed biscuits are added and the resulting mixture is poured into the mold. It is pressed tightly to fit well. Cools 20 min.

Grate the rest of the chocolate and put it in the bowl in a water bath. In a small bowl, combine the honey, sugar and three tablespoons of water and heat until boiling. Add to the grated chocolate and stir until the chocolate melts. Add the cream. The resulting mixture is poured into the mold and smoothed.

Chill for a minimum of two hours until the frosting hardens.

The cake is removed from the form, the paper is removed. Garnish with crushed biscuits, melted chocolate and cocoa.

Bon appetite.

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