Bouquets of chocolates - delicious, romantic and unforgettable

Bouquets of chocolates - delicious, romantic and unforgettable
Bouquets of chocolates - delicious, romantic and unforgettable

Chocolate bouquets are definitely memorable. They are incredibly attractive and most of all delicious.

You can serve them whenever they are ready to tell you - "we don't eat bouquets and flowers".

And when you want to give some flowers as a gift and you pass a flower stall on the way and they tell you - 25 BGN for this bouquet, and you look at it from here, you look at it from there and you say to yourself - terrible performance and as well to combine them you have to give at least 10 BGN for flowers that you don't even like, then you will appreciate practical candy flowers even more. Surely, their recipients will also appreciate them properly if they are chocolate lovers. Their only drawback is that they disappear quickly and are high in calories.

I remember that once, after increasingly exasperating efforts to get a certain flower to be liked by three strong florists, they finally tied the ribbon in such a way that it confirmed my belief that some people, instead of being successful resellers, need to dig ditches to be better -beneficial to humanity.

So at that moment I made a decision when I don't have a suitable pot flower, instead of relying on buying a bouquet from a random place, to try alternative types of bouquets. To begin with, I tried the chocolate ones, but there is also a suitable raw material for bouquets for every birthday boy.

Chocolate bouquets have been made for a long time, so you can see many examples. And in good gift shops they can offer you a professionally made bouquet, of course for the appropriate price.

But don't think it's hard to make a candy bouquet yourself. Of course the better quality materials you have, the better your bouquet will look, but remember that first of all you have to match them well.

For such type of bouquets, tissue, stretchy paper, organza or other type of thin fabric are very suitable.

I don't know how they make them in the boutiques, but with simple wooden skewers and different types of ribbons it still works.

Of course, the candies are the most important - they must be wrapped. Whether you buy them packaged or pack them yourself is your choice. Then you need to skewer them. It is easiest if you heat the shisha and then impale the candy, so it is fixed and there is no danger of it falling. To be more secure, tie with thread or ribbon.

Cut the paper into strips and wrap around the candy to make it look like a rose. Then you decorate with ribbons, wrap with paper and you're done.

With each subsequent bouquet, you will see much easier and new ideas and inspiration will come to you.

Chocolate bouquets are suitable as a gift for lovers, for a bachelorette party, for an engagement or a wedding.

And if you ask me, chocolate bouquets are always appropriate. So it's a good idea to learn how to make them and charm your friends with them.

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