Holiday Heroes delivered 4,192 holiday packages

Holiday Heroes delivered 4,192 holiday packages
Holiday Heroes delivered 4,192 holiday packages

Sunday, December 21, 2014 was the last day of Holiday Packages's Holiday Heroes holiday package and delivery campaign.

For the four days of the campaign, the holiday heroes managed to make 4192 packages of food products. Each package contained basic necessities - flour, oil, pulses. Festive foods such as bread, chicken, pie crusts, and cheese were obligatory. The holiday packages included soft drinks, sweets, as well as, of course, a children's toy to please the little ones from families in need.

The ranks of the holiday heroes included hundreds of volunteers, and as always – there was no shortage of star presence to surprise the owners of the homes into which the festive characters entered. On the last day of the Holiday Heroes campaign, Iva Ekimova personally delivered a holiday package to Grandma Maria - a 91-year-old widow who receives a BGN 200 pension.

To be able to help thousands of families for Christmas 2014, Holiday Heroes received the support of thousands of people and organizations - individual and corporate donors provided products and funds for the purchase of such, socially responsible media, volunteers, ambassadors of the cause, event and initiative partners.

Just two years after its first campaign, with the help of all these holiday heroes, thousands of families all over Bulgaria were able to receive food products to make their Christmas table full.

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