Childhood memories your child won't have

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Childhood memories your child won't have
Childhood memories your child won't have

Today's children will never understand the childhood and world in which their parents grew up. And it's normal to be like that. Fast-paced technology, all these TV shows seem to take away from play time. Children's attention is captured by all these "interesting" activities. The time of huge TVs occupying half the room is irretrievably past.

Today's ultra-modern devices hang like paintings on the wall with their amazing capabilities, recorders, timed viewing and what not! We think more and more about how big a difference there is between our children's childhood and ours. There are some things that, unfortunately, they will never experience in their childhood.

Here are some of them:

The game outside

There is less and less opportunity for children nowadays to play outside. In this technological age, in which "smart" devices can be used to play games, use dozens of applications, surf the net or simply switch the hundreds of channels that cable TV offers, playing outside remains in the background. And there is less and less free space for children's antics among the blocks, malls, parking lots and shops. The stories about playing hide and seek, riding a bike, running past the lawn sprinklers - all this becomes a fairy tale for children that their parents tell them. But the stories will also stop little by little with the next generations.

Photos from the old tapes

If you ask a child if they've heard of a camera that takes pictures on tape, they probably won't understand. Today everything is digital, instant, instantaneous! You don't even need to get your photos out on paper! There are so many of them! The possibilities of modern technologies allow us to take thousands of frames, store them in miniature chips, view them on our huge monitors in super high quality. Gone forever is the thrill of waiting for the finished photos. Are they enlightened? Did I get the tape on nicely? I will not forget my disappointment at the irretrievably lost student moments of a trip. One wrong click of the tape in the camera and … those wonderful moments remained somewhere in the past. In my memories. Children today do not face such trepidations. You make dozens of poses, shots, if you don't like a shot, you instantly delete it, make another one until you like it. Our kids will never feel the disappointment when they find out that they came out with their eyes closed in half the pictures.

Sewing and mending

For the modern generation, which includes not only children, sewing skills are so far advanced that even sewing a torn button is a reason to visit a tailor. Or we just buy new clothes - the old ones have already entered the "out of fashion" column anyway. Sewing is considered old-fashioned. These skills will forever remain one of the talents of our grandmothers.

The use of paper catalogs

Once upon a time in libraries we had to look for the books in those little cabinets where hundreds of thousands of slips with the title numbers were carefully arranged. Today, it is enough to press the button to select "Search" and our favorite book is already delivered in an electronic version to our reading pocket device! We don't even have to leave home!

The Encyclopedia

For our generation, doing research or any kind of research involved countless hours spent in the library poring over heavy, static, leather-bound encyclopedias. It was impossible to export them, and the endless copying of pages was a real nightmare. For today's generation, it is enough to have a powerful enough device with which to find and store the information they need. It's amazing how little ones still complain when they are tasked with writing a survey or report!


Grandma's masterful recipes little by little remain in history. How many of you can boast of hand-kneaded bread, a shortcrust pastry, or the traditional bean soup? Can you list all the spices your grandmother puts in to achieve that great aroma? I bet the answer is no! Today everything is half done. Even the spices are packaged in ready mixes for the respective dish. You don't have to start from scratch - just pop that thing called 'food' in the microwave and there you have dinner! Fast food restaurants are on every corner. With the hectic everyday life, the future generations rarely have the opportunity to enjoy home-cooked food.

Map Orientation

Nowadays, all you have to do is turn on your GPS and just follow the directions. You can easily get to the desired location without having to unfold a huge map and stare at the small print for a long time until you find the desired location. These conveniences of technology are beginning to take away even the sweet, typically childish question, "Are we there yet?"

It's amazing how fast the world changes! Changes are happening before our eyes that will forever change the memories of our children too!

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