10 signals of insecurity

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10 signals of insecurity
10 signals of insecurity

Everyone has their insecurities. There is almost no person who does not doubt one of his abilities, is ashamed, is afraid to show his weaknesses or admit them. It's normal for insecurities to be part of our personality and to manifest in different ways.

Many people mistake kindness and politeness for weakness. If you show kindness in different situations, this can be perceived by such people as a weakness that they can take advantage of. There is a fine line between being polite and respecting others, and disrespecting yourself in an effort to please everyone, to please everyone.

What are the signs and signals that betray self-doubt?

1. You ignore yourself to make someone else happy

This is usually not a bad thing, especially if it concerns someone you love and who is close to you. However, if you're constantly neglecting yourself to please him, it could be a sign of a toxic relationship. This state of constant personal neglect on your part shows an insecurity that others take advantage of and that makes you feel depressed.

2. You don't like your body

If you constantly find imperfections on your body that you are ashamed of and hide, this indicates inner insecurity. To deal with this, it's important to be at peace with your body as it is. Accept it and over time you'll start to feel better and better in your own skin, and it shows on the outside.

3. You are not expressing an opinion

If you fear that you won't be understood correctly or that you won't be liked if your opinion doesn't match someone else's, it shows insecurity. There's nothing wrong with showing an opinion, even if it doesn't match the general opinion or that of your interlocutor. Standing up for your opinion is a sign of character that automatically makes you a respected person.

4. You don't trust yourself and want advice

It's good to ask for advice when you need it. But if you do it constantly, it betrays a lack of certainty in your judgment and low self-esteem.

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