Lullaby for babies and toddlers

Lullaby for babies and toddlers
Lullaby for babies and toddlers

One of the most tender moments is hugging the baby and toddler before sleep. Even if you don't put him to sleep in your arms, even if you lay down next to him in bed for a while, it has a very calming effect and is part of the bedtime ritual. Some mothers hum a famous tune, a children's song, or even dance an impromptu w altz. We asked 5 women how they put their little ones to sleep:

“I put my child to sleep most often while breastfeeding. He is still small, so when we are at home, he falls asleep on the chest most of the time. I've rarely had to put him to sleep on my arms, unless he's very restless and we're out where I'm not comfortable nursing. When we go for a walk, I put him to sleep in the stroller.”

“I don't have a special lullaby yet. Every time I hum a different, gentle melody to him that I make up myself."

“In my arms, in the stroller, in the basket, if there is one… I put my first child to sleep mostly in my arms.

Next – in the cart. We have a few special songs. Our favorite is Valery Petrov's "Mish Mish Mish" and "Dear Mother."

"For each child, I have come up with his own song associated with his name."

“I had come up with a lullaby with a popular melody, but with my lyrics - a little silly: "Good night and good sleep, sleep all outside. The windows sleep, the cars sleep, the trees sleep, the cats sleep, the stars sleep, the moon sleeps, the little children sleep, etc.' Text varies - you can add or change who sleeps how."

You may be the worst singer in the world, but the gentle tone of your voice will be extremely soothing to your baby. So don't worry and sing, and you will get better with rehearsals.

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