"Feeling handed down, feeling used"

"Feeling handed down, feeling used"
"Feeling handed down, feeling used"

This brilliant psychological thriller, which mixes real facts, conspiracy theories and fiction, surpasses the traditional Marilyn Monroe books with its non-standard approach. However, her drama is only a backdrop to an original and tense plot, whose main character also becomes a victim of politics and power.

In the early hours of August 5, 1962, young investigator Ben Fitzgerald was sent to the home of Marilyn Monroe, who was lying dead in her bedroom in Brentwood, a suburb of Los Angeles. There he finds her diary, which reveals a doomed relationship with a man she calls The Chief, as well as surprising truths about the fragile, vulnerable woman who hides behind the star image."I feel passed from hand to hand, I feel used," wrote Marilyn.

In the following days, Ben encounters all kinds of lies and contradictions in the official version of her suicide. Soon the shocking descriptions in the diary infiltrate the young investigator's life and he finds himself trapped in a complex conspiracy involving the Kennedy brothers, the mafia and even the CIA.

Smart suspense and amazing atmosphere.

Andrew Gross

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