Plamen Tsvetanov: Is a musician born this way or is he created?

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Plamen Tsvetanov: Is a musician born this way or is he created?
Plamen Tsvetanov: Is a musician born this way or is he created?

Plamen Tsvetanov is a talented young Bulgarian pianist and composer He is only 26 years old, but he has already toured the world and played in the most prestigious concert halls around the world. Just a month ago, Plamen, who is a graduate of the Bulgarian Music Academy, managed to bring the demanding English audiences to their feet in Warminster and Bath, Great Britain.

Plamen performed two concerts by invitation at the Warminster-Festival – on 16.10.2012 in Warminster and on 17.10.2012 in Bath, The Holbourne Museum and he played the piano that Rachmaninoff himself played.

Impressed by the young Bulgarian, two journalists - a family who have worked for many years for the BBC, invite him, which is a great honor, considering the English manners and upbringing, to their guest house, where he even played the grand piano from 1840 year.

Winner of international honors in piano competitions - Paris (France), Cesenatico, (Italy)… He is the author of music for the films "Roundabout", "One Direction", the author's musical parts of the film "Hindemith"… and in a number of theater productions.

He is currently working on several new projects, two films and a theater production.

Plamen is married to Mooneen Yang – Tsvetanova, one of the leading models and winner of the title "Miss Tourism 2009 China". Plamen took his time to tell us how to become a virtuoso pianist with diverse interests.


You grew up in an artistic environment. Do you think your destiny was predetermined

More like yes, but still the choice to do art was mine. On a more universal scale - surely my fate was predestined or I wouldn't be hearing music the way I do now.

Which of your loved ones has influenced you the most

All in one way or another - I am one of the lucky ones who received as a gift exceptional people in the family - established artists. Every artist is different, so their influence is different.

Perhaps you are already better known outside of Bulgaria, tell our readers a little more about your versatile activity

Maybe the media of the world really cares more about me. Recognition from abroad is always two-fold, because to impress a foreigner, you must first be accepted as part of the society in which he lives. It is difficult and the only thing that saves me is that I know a universal language - music. I am mainly engaged in performing and composing activities - my music reveals who I am… I hope that soon my compatriots will also show interest in me and my art.

Can we often hear mobile phones ringing with your ringtones

This is a question I would like to know the answer too… The strange thing is that I often see people talking on mobile phones, but I rarely hear the handsets ringing. I always seem to run into people who have already picked up the phone. If not, I guess I've built a defense mechanism against external sound irritants.

You are so young and already married. This is rather heavy news for Bulgarian women. Tell us how you managed to escape an entire nation of women and marry a model from another continent? I think it takes incredible talent for that too

Rather, incredible luck is required! It's rare that one finds the person they're looking for…that's what happened to me. It's rare to find beauty and intelligence in combination, but Mooneen (my wife) has a lot of both. Thank God, my profession is such that it requires me to travel a lot - this helped me to meet her. Then she actively worked as a model (with frequent appearances on Fashion TV) and the title of Miss Tourism China. So the truth is - I didn't run away from women in Bulgaria, I just found what I was looking for in China.

Is there a talent you don't have

Yes, but if I start to list, the page won't be enough for me… (apparently the creators are also enviably modest - p.b.)

What do you think a man with a capital M should be like

Cavalier. With good manners and respect for others. Without being conceited. To be able to listen and speak. I hope my description doesn't sound like an etiquette textbook.


Where do you plan to settle down if the word 'settling' is in a creator's vocabulary

In front of the piano. From there on, where he will go is another matter.

How to instill in children a love of music, theater and art in general

Do not subject them to the torture of hearing or watching something that you yourself would not want to see or hear, unless they themselves express a desire. Build their taste with personal example.

You have traveled a lot. What is your favorite place

My cottage in the mountains.

Favorite Food

Chinese food: fried rice with vegetables and meat, rice spaghetti, beef with vegetables, chicken sandwiches (there is a guy in China, near a club that my wife and I often go to - he makes them - they are not sandwiches, but that's what they look like to me…) and many others.

European/American Cuisine: Baked Chicken with Potatoes, Baked Chicken with Rice and Mushrooms, Steak, Corned Beef, Beef Stroganoff, Mashed Potatoes, Cabbage and Carrot Salad, Homemade Cake and more.

Fruits: pomelo, grapes, lychees, oranges, tangerines, bananas, cherries, tomatoes.

Vegetables: potatoes (baked…), turnips.

Do you have a favorite music

Yes - Classical (J. S. Bach, L. van Beethoven, J. Brahms), Jazz (Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong), Rock (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Scorpions) and Metal (Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, Evanescence, Within temptation).

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