How to prepare homemade sausages?

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How to prepare homemade sausages?
How to prepare homemade sausages?


Home-cooked food is of great value in this day and age of preservatives, colorings, flavorings and whatnot being sold to us. A delicious temptation that can be a participant in many recipes is homemade sausage And why not cut it for an appetizer when you have guests and show off your culinary skills

For about 20 sausages (200 g each) you need pork - 2.5 kg and beef - 1.5 kg. Since beef is a dry meat, compensate with fattier pork to keep the sausages from becoming rock hard. You will also need pork intestines to stuff the mixture into. They are sold by the meter and ready to be filled at a low price - 40-50 cents.

The meat is ground (it can be ground for you at the butcher shop) and mixed. Then the spices are added. This is where the magic happens

For 1 kg of minced meat, add 5 g of black pepper, 4 g of cumin, 4 g of savory, 2 tablespoons of s alt, and 1 tablespoon of sugar. If desired, a little chili. There are many spices that include onions and garlic… make up your own mind. After the mixture is flavored, leave it for a day to absorb the smells. The spices. Then stuff it into your intestines. For 4 kg of meat, take 7 meters of pork intestines.

The most complicated is the drying. Find a dry, ventilated and cool place. After 2-3 days you can start massaging them daily - they will settle. So two weeks. Then they need to dry for another 2-3 weeks (depending on where they are dried).

Recipes with the finished sausage will be presented to you soon.

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