Hyuga – the new name of happiness

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Hyuga – the new name of happiness
Hyuga – the new name of happiness

This is a beautiful practical guide to the Danish philosophy of coziness, closeness with loved ones and happiness in life.

The book is a worldwide bestseller, sold in 27 countries. One copy of it is sold every minute in the UK!

Why do the Danes top most charts for the happiest people in the world? We get an answer from Mike Viking, executive director of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. In his bestseller, Mike Viking explores the aspects of hygge as a way to enjoy the little things in life, appreciate the moments shared in the company of loved ones, and enjoy the comfort of being yourself.

What is hyuga?

Hyuga is happiness and inner peace, hyuga is for everyone, here and now, hyuga is easily achievable and does not require much financial means, hyuga is the shared joy of the small things in everyday life, hyuga is our true essence.


Here are some of the essentials for achieving and experiencing hyuga:

• Atmosphere

Dim the lights.

• Presence

Be here and now. Turn off the phones.

• Pleasure

Coffee, chocolate, sweets, cakes, candies. Give them here!

• Equality

"We" is more than "I". Share the tasks.

• Thanks

Express gratitude. There's nothing better than that.

• Harmony

This is not a competition. We already like you. No need to flaunt your achievements.

• Comfort

Make yourself comfortable. Give yourself a break. It's all about relaxing.

• Truce

No dramas. We will discuss politics another time.

• Community

Build relationships and common topics of conversation. "Do you remember when…?"

• Asylum

These are your people. The atmosphere fills with peace and security.

In the manual you will also find interesting ideas on how to achieve hyuga anywhere and anytime: on weekdays and weekends, on holidays, in different seasons, at home and at work. Along with traditional Danish recipes, you'll also discover how to prepare a hyuga emergency kit.

About the author

Mike Viking is the executive director of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. He is the author of articles for prestigious international print media such as "Washington Post", "Huffington Post", "Guardian", "Times". After the huge success of The Little Hyuga Handbook, the author has given numerous interviews to newspapers, magazines and TV shows.

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