Foods that will bring you luck in the new year

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Foods that will bring you luck in the new year
Foods that will bring you luck in the new year

At midnight with the arrival of the New Year a new beginning begins for everyone. We forget about the past and start the year filled with more optimism and hope for much luck and love.

We wear special underwear, a small talisman or clothes in red because we believe it is good. In many cultures and traditions, it matters what food is on the festive table on New Year's Eve.

So, for example, in Spain there must be grapes that are consumed in a very funny way at midnight. In the following lines, you will see more curious traditions about lucky foods.


table also make room for the juicy pomegranate. In Turkey, pomegranates are believed to bring good luck in the new year for many reasons. The color red, which represents the human heart, means life and fertility. The healing properties of the pomegranate represent he alth. The many round and juicy seeds represent abundance and prosperity in all aspects.


Green leafy vegetables

In South America, the New Year's table must include green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, kale, lettuce and others. According to tradition, these vegetables are similar in color to the color of money. That is why it is believed that the more one eats them on New Year, the more prosperous and печеливша it will be.

Cakes, cupcakes and round cakes

We also prepare a delicious dessert for every New Year. In many places around the world, emphasis is placed on its shape, which should resemble a ring. The circle is considered fullness, completeness and abundance.

For example, in Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, donuts are prepared, round sweets sprinkled with a lot of sugar, fruit, chocolate and filled with apples, raisins and nuts.

In some cultures such as Greece, it is customary to hide a coin or a special small gift inside the pastry or holiday cake. Whoever gets the lucky piece,will have a happy new year.


In Sweden there is a similar tradition, but there they hide a whole almond in the specially prepared rice pudding. Here you can find original recipes for unique holiday sweets and cakes.

Marinated herring

New Year in Germany, Poland and the Scandinavian countries does not pass without the consumption of the appetizing marinated herring. Tradition dictates that at midnight everyone eats a piece of this fish. Why herring?

Because it is found in abundance in Western Europe, and its silver color resembles that of coins, which is an omen of future we alth. If you like marinated fish, don't forget about herring.


Every holiday table should have pita or bread. In America, cornbread is especially revered. Why? Its color resembles that of gold and brings luck and we alth to the home. In some families, nuts are added to it for even more luck.

Pork dishes

meal will have a dish made with pork. According to some beliefs, the pig symbolizes we alth, prosperity and progress, since the animal always pushes forward with its trunk what it is looking for.


In addition to our country, New Year's pork is also consumed in Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, and the Austrians are also known for decorating the festive table with miniature figures of pigs made of marzipan.


Legumes including beans, peas, lentils, rice symbolize money as they look very much like coins. In Germany, they prepare lentils with pork or sausages, as well as pea soup with meat.

In Italy, lentils are also prepared with meat. In Brazil, the first meal of the year is lentil soup, and in Japan, special sweet black beans are eaten on the first days of the new year.

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