Manhattan - the city of skyscrapers

Manhattan - the city of skyscrapers
Manhattan - the city of skyscrapers

When we hear Manhattan, we usually think of Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, and cocktails. In fact, this beautiful American island is part of New York, an administrative district of the same name in the metropolis. Check out some more trivia about him.

In 1858, Central Park opened its doors to the citizens and became the first landscaped public park in the city.

they call Manhattan the city of skyscrapers?

The most famous building in Manhattan is the Empire State Building.

There are more than 200 art galleries there just for modern art.

The New York Times is one of the most famous publications in Manhattan.

The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island. Actually, the Manhattan area consists of 8 islands.

hotdog vendors have to pay $200,000 a year to set up a single cart in Central Park?

In 1883, the bridge that today connects Manhattan with Brooklyn was built.

Manhattan in the Native American language means island of the hills.

Did you know that there are 468 subway stations in New York City. There are 147 in Manhattan.

In 1933, a large Christmas tree was decorated for the first time in front of Rockefeller Center. This happens during the Great Depression.

Manhattan is also unique because of the intensive use of public transportation. While 88% of Americans nationwide drive to work, in Manhattan mass transit is the primary form of travel.

Central Park is visited annually by about 40 million tourists and local residents.

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