"With a scoop in the suitcase" - the new culinary journey

"With a scoop in the suitcase" - the new culinary journey
"With a scoop in the suitcase" - the new culinary journey

The newest TV series about travel, food and inspiring people met along the way starts on national TV Bulgaria ON AIR on Christmas Evefrom 12, 30 p.m. The show "With a scoop in the suitcase" is an author's project of the famous culinary Mariela Nordel and every Saturday at noon I will present a corner of the world through the prism of cuisine, culture, entertainment and exciting meetings with people we cannot meet in Bulgaria.

Holiday editions await viewers in the first episodes of the show. On December 24 With a Scoop in a Suitcase will show how Santa Claus is welcomed in the Netherlands, how Belgians turn a port pumping station into a fine gourmet restaurant, what Flemish "street" food is like and how the Christmas "oliebolen", or Dutch doughnuts, are prepared. On New Year's Eve, on December 31 at 12:30 p.m., Mariela Nordel will take viewers to the three-star kitchen of Chef Johnny de Boer from the seventh best restaurant in the world.

What kind of porcelain the Dutch royal family eats in and how a service can cost as much as a new car will become clear in the show. On New Year's Eve, the author and presenter of the new series will take the viewers through the most expensive district in the world - the Diamond District of Antwerp - the world capital of diamonds.

For the first time in "With a scoop in the suitcase", the Bulgarian audience will see exclusive jewelry up close, along with valuable advice from the hosts. In each edition of "With a scoop in the suitcase", Mariela Nordel will also meet the viewers with successful and inspiring Bulgarians who are an important part of the life of the place the series tells about.

Mariela Nordel is a top chef and a cosmopolitan person. She became popular among the general public in Bulgaria with her participation in the culinary show MasterChef. In her blood flows Bulgarian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Greek and Jewish blood. In addition to being a chef, she worked with passion as a model, PR and manager of world-famous brands. She is the winner of the Business Lady of the Year award.

He travels a lot around the world and knows the cuisine of many nations intimately. Her permanent residence is currently in the Netherlands, but one of the reasons that will often bring her back to Bulgaria is her new show on Bulgaria ON AIR.

With the launch of "With a scoop in the suitcase", the television takes another step in enriching its program as a polythematic television. The new show, which has no analogue on the Bulgarian airwaves, connects people's passion for food and travel in a non-standard way, enriched with cultural experiences and knowledge about the world, and presented in a unique way by the author and presenter Mariela Nordel.

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