Bread without preservatives, home made

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Bread without preservatives, home made
Bread without preservatives, home made

Don't like the look of the bread you buy at the store? Worried about what exactly they put in it? Terrified of preservatives? Don't you like it?

In the end, since they don't offer us a quality product, we may turn to substitutes.>

The solution is… in the style – when there is no bread, eat pasta.

Or the more practical – knead your own bread

Nowadays, it is already quite possible to knead warm bread, and to work at two or three jobs, and to do the housework as well.

Naturally, again, the people of the East are thinking about us. The Japanese invented the bakery back in the 80s of the 20th century.

Today you can even buy a bakery in our country for less than 100 BGN.

Bakeries are an incredible convenience, especially for larger families. You know that bread without preservatives and packaging can last one, two days at most. With this in mind, we can judge when and how much bread to bake.

When we prepare bread ourselves, we already know what we put in it. And the most important thing to stock up on is quality flour, according to our taste, and of course yeast.

Bakeries are convenient for people on different types of diets, precisely because they know what and in what quantities they consume.

Using a bread machine, we are only required to put the products in the machine and press the button. Everything else the machine does by itself.

Depending on the program, different types of bread can be made:

white, whole grain, couscous, cake, baguettes or pizza dough or soft, in a word, whatever you can think of.

You can easily add sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, dried fruits or others, according to your taste and desire.

Some machines even have an option to brew marmalade.

Each machine comes with a booklet – for the proportions of the ingredients, as well as for the different types of programs. And then everyone experiments on their own and discovers the best recipes for their bread. On the Internet you can find all sorts of recipes for making bread at home.

Some of the bakeries can bring you a whiter or darker crust on the bread, as well as keep the heat for 1 hour after the program is over.

In a word, this means that in the evening we can load the machine with the desired ingredients, set when it starts working and go to sleep.

In the morning we just have to open the bakery, take out the bread and put it on the table. Breakfast is ready!

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