Tomato – our favorite summer vegetable

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Tomato – our favorite summer vegetable
Tomato – our favorite summer vegetable


Who doesn't love real summer, aromatic tomatoes?

Salad with olive oil or just tomatoes with cheese. The tomato is a coveted dish for both the poor and the rich. It originates from South America Its official name is (Solanum lycopersicum, Solanaceae). The name tomato comes from "tom alt", as the Aztecs called it when they tried to sell it to the Spanish traders Thus, for the first time, the red temptation, also called the "golden apple", appeared on the Old Continent. Although beautiful at first, many people were afraid of this plant because they thought it might be poisonous like the dog grape The first tomatoes that were transported were very small, red fruits

Little by little, tomatoes began to be grown as an edible plant and entered the culinary world. The selection started in a positive direction and different varieties were obtained - pink tomatoes, heart-shaped tomatoes, with thicker skin, with thinner skin, different shapes and sizes.

We all know the negatives in recent years - taste of plastic, they look like they are made of plastic, and they have yellow-green plastic stripes inside. Nothing to do with the delicious garden tomato!

Real tomatoes are he althy, they contain vitamin C, vitamin B9, provitamin A, they are rich in antioxidants. They are not high in calories. Nothing bad can be said about quality tomatoes, not poisoned with pesticides and other harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Only people who have allergies to tomatoes or stomach problems should be careful.

Tomato is a bushy plant. In our country it is grown as an annual. In every village yard there are at least a few tomato roots. Depending on the care you take, you can have tomatoes from June to October. Of course it also depends on the altitude and the climate. But enterprising people have made greenhouses, some more modern, some improvised with nylons or old windows and they still grow nice tomatoes

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