Be he althy and beautiful with natural products

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Be he althy and beautiful with natural products
Be he althy and beautiful with natural products

The trade exhibition "He alth and beauty with natural and organic products" has started, which will continue until November 4 in the TSUM Exhibition Hall, entrance from the Museum of the City of Sofia. Entry is free.

The exhibition aims to gather in one place natural and organic foods and beverages, herbal and natural cosmetics, essential oils. To show every user the magical properties of nature and the products that can be derived from it, and on the other hand, the magic of essential oils.

During the exhibition "He alth and beauty with natural and organic products", 30 companies for he althy eating, natural cosmetics, products and procedures for more tone and beauty will be presented.

What will be presented during the He alth and Beauty Exhibition

Participating will be the Bulgarian Association of Bioproducts, which stands behind the idea of promoting natural products. Members of the Association will offer a variety of organic products.

Good and quality food is the most important thing in our hectic everyday life

Bulgarian producers will present food that is 100% he althy, handmade and with lots of love. All are based on spelt that they grow and contain no other enhancers, leavening agents, dyes, yeasts, etc. There will also be vegan products without sugar and without preservatives. Visitors will learn about pea protein and its properties.

If for you coffee is an everyday pleasure and you want it to become the best ally of your he alth, coffee with Ganoderma mushroom will be presented during the exhibition.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste wines and wormwood from a family micro-winery in the village. Khan Krum, region Noisy. The wormwood they offer is made from the best wine that soaks in a bouquet of herbs and fruits. Its technological process also includes the characteristic natural carbonation, which is obtained by cracking the kernels of apples and quinces. This is not just wine, but a healing elixir.

During the exhibition, you will find several types of sourdough bread, buns, boutique jams, juice, vinegar and chokeberry dragees and many other irresistible temptations.

100% natural Bulgarian products

Participating company will present unique probiotic he alth supplements. A small Bulgarian company will present to us 100% natural products that are handmade with essential oils and plant extracts. They are betting on cosmetics accessible to more people who prefer to bet on nature instead of using synthetic products.

A bio face and body cream will be presented, which contains 100% rose water and pure beeswax.

Snail Extract

During the exhibition, a series of products based on natural components, such as high-quality purified extract of garden snail Helix aspersa and various plant species, will be presented. These products help accelerate tissue regeneration and strengthen the body's immune system.

For the first time in Bulgaria

For the first time in Bulgaria, natural cosmetics for every skin and hair type from Armenia are presented. Cosmetics that help the skin to regenerate from the inside out. The products are 100% vegan, not tested on animals and developed mainly on the basis of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Shower gel with wine, products with processed apricot kernels, elixir of youth and many more products will be presented!

For the first time, we will present an organic face cream. The cream gathers in itself the plant we alth of the world - rose water and beeswax; shea, sesame and coconut oils; saffron and jojoba oils; olive, grape, apricot, almond, peach and wheat germ oils.

A unique apricot kernel oil from Hunza will also be featured. The Hunza Kingdom is located at the intersection of the world's three highest mountain ranges: the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, and the Karakorum. This divinely chosen place is hundreds of kilometers from modern industry. It is the nuts of these apricots, grown in their natural habitat, away from industrial pollution, that give the purest possible natural apricot kernel oil.


You will be able to find out your he alth status on the spot with Supertronic and Bioscanner diagnostics (over 180 physical indicators).

Did you exercise this week?

Only during the exhibition will we find out how to keep in good shape. "Three-in-one" equipment will be presented - you use one machine and get an effect in three areas: fitness, massage, therapy. And 10 minutes of working with vibro-therapy machines equals 1 hour in the gym.

If we lose connection with nature - we lose everything

A wide range of he alth products, useful foods and nutritional supplements, creams, ointments, oils and emulsions and other bee and herbal based products will be presented. Ointments are ideal for the winter season when dealing with colds, runny noses, headaches.

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