The most cholesterol-rich foods

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The most cholesterol-rich foods
The most cholesterol-rich foods

Cholesterol is one of the scourges of our time. He is everywhere! The list of foods that cause it to rise to dangerous levels is huge. But what are the most cholesterol-rich foods that must be avoided?

Egg Yolk

Eggs have a number of benefits for the body, but they also contain cholesterol. It is inevitable because it plays an important role in providing a nutrient environment for the growth of a new organism. Abuse of eggs can significantly increase blood cholesterol.

The egg yolk contains 99% of the cholesterol contained in the whole egg.


Good and bad cholesterol are produced in the liver, therefore it is presumed to be a food with a high content of the harmful component. Strict control of the amount of liver consumed is necessary to protect against unwanted increases in cholesterol levels.

One medium-sized pig liver contains an average of 564 mg of cholesterol per 100 g of weight, or 188% of the daily required dose for the body.


The oil also contains a considerable amount of harmful cholesterol. Approximately 100 g of butter contains 215 mg of cholesterol or 72% of the daily value.


Seafood is usually considered a diet food, but shrimp is one of the products that holds surprises. They contain an average of 11% cholesterol per 100g serving


Chicken is also part of many diets because it is considered a dry, white meat that is useful for weight loss. However, it contains more fat and cholesterol than expected. Even more than a whole burger or ice cream. His skin is to blame for that. Always remove it.

Fast food

For fast food, it is known that its harm to the body is many times more than the benefits, but we still have to mention it in the list. Avoid all chips, popcorn, crackers (even "he althy" and "whole grain"), waffles, baked and fried s alty snacks.

They all contain trans fats, which convert directly to bad cholesterol in large amounts.


Cheese is useful, but in small quantities. Most of the time you should avoid it and in all its forms. 100 g of cheese contains about 41% of the daily amount of cholesterol.

Processed meats

The amount of fat contained in sausages, pates, sausages, sausages is huge. And it doesn't matter whether you choose pork, chicken or goose pate - the amount of fat is about the same. It's just that these foods should be excluded from the menu.

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