What should we eat if we want a girl or a boy?

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What should we eat if we want a girl or a boy?
What should we eat if we want a girl or a boy?

If you are planning to have a baby and even have specific preferences regarding the gender of the child, Dr. Barretta recommends following a certain diet several months before conception occurs. Thus, the possibility of creating the desired acidic environment in the woman's body increases, and from there, according to Dr. Barretta, the possibility of conceiving a child of the desired gender. We would be delighted if you would share with us the result of this happy experiment. In any case, he will bring you a lot of joy and a lot of kind care.

If you are planning to have a baby girl, stick to this diet:

Recommended foods if you wish to conceive a girl:

Tomatoes are recommended only cooked or in sauce.

Carrots and onions are allowed.

Pumpkin in very minimal quantities.

Only citrus fruits are recommended, the rest are prohibited.

Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts are allowed.

Eggs are allowed, even in larger quantities.

Alcohol - only beer and wine in moderation.

White milk sauces (bechamel), fricassee, etc. are allowed and desirable.

Cakes - preferably homemade and milk-based.

Biscuits, pretzels, pretzels, and any other crisps are good, as long as they're uns alted and unleavened, which suggests they're best homemade.

Milk desserts and creams - homemade to be consumed at least twice a day.

Ice cream is allowed, although homemade is again recommended.

Mineral waters should be rich in calcium and magnesium and almost free of potassium and sodium.

Tap water is allowed.

Sugar, honey, olive oil, rice, pasta and the like, flour, black pepper, spices, mustard without s alt, homemade creams and sauces are allowed.

S alt, leavening agents, yeast, ready-made soups and foods, canned goods, pizzas, carbonated drinks, effervescent medicines are prohibited.

Veal, chicken, beef, fish - no more than one serving per day.

Seafood - not recommended.

Apples, as the most accessible fruit for Bulgarian women, are not allowed if you want to get pregnant with a girl.

Sausages are not allowed.

Chestnuts are not allowed.

White bread – if possible, eliminate it from the menu.

Whole grain bread – again in minimal quantities.

Parsley is not recommended.

Bean foods are not recommended.

Canned and prepared foods are not allowed.

Cocoa is forbidden.

Pickles, different types of pickles are not allowed.

Mushrooms are not allowed.

Different kinds of olives are also not allowed.

Bananas are not allowed.

Dried fruits are not recommended.

S alt – should not be included in the menu, avoid as much as possible.

Fizzy drinks are not allowed.

If you plan to have a boy stick to this diet:

Recommended foods if you want to conceive a boy

S alt – the main ingredient for making little boys.

Raw tomatoes in large quantities are strongly recommended.

Parsley – recommended in moderation.

Pumpkin is beneficial for the appearance of a boy.

Bean foods should be consumed in larger quantities, at least twice a week.

Veal, beef, chicken, fish - at least twice a day.

Seafood /except mussels/ can be in minimal quantities.

Sausages are allowed.

Two fruits a day are recommended, excluding citrus fruits.

One banana a day.

Apples as the most affordable fruit, I guess will be of special interest - they are recommended.

Raisins and other dried fruits are recommended.

Chestnuts as much as possible.

White bread allowed.

Whole wheat bread - allowed on the menu.

Eggs – up to two eggs per week and never as a main dish.

Fizzy drinks are allowed.

Alcohol – is allowed in moderation.

Pickles, different kinds of pickles are allowed.

Mushrooms are allowed.

Different types of olives too.

White milk sauces (bechamel), fricassee, etc. are only allowed if made with water instead of milk.

Cakes, sweets - are allowed, but only if they are without dairy creams and cream

Biscuits, pretzels, crackers, etc. – dry (no milk, butter, etc.), s alty, but no cheese.

The same goes for the ice creams.

Mineral waters: free of calcium and magnesium, high in sodium and potassium.

Tap water is allowed.

Canned and prepared foods are allowed.

Sugar, honey, marmalades, jams, rice, macaroni and noodles, semolina, olive oil, cornflakes and popcorn are allowed.

Chocolate is forbidden.

Mustard is prohibited.

Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts are not allowed.

Cocoa is forbidden.

Milk desserts and creams are not allowed.

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