Fresh green spices

Fresh green spices
Fresh green spices

Green Spices – kids don't like them, some adults don't either. Others put a whole bunch of parsley in a salad, and the beans and lentils just turn green. Fragrant grasses, herbs, spices - we can't do without them both winter and summer. They make each dish unique and are no less important and useful than the main products.

Used everywhere - in soups, salads, main dishes, pâtés, pies, savory cakes and biscuits. Try changing just one spice, you get a whole new recipe. For example, rice with peas and fennel is completely different from rice with mushrooms and basil.

In the shops there is parsley, dill, devisil, chives, wild garlic, sorrel. All are cheap enough to save. One link costs between BGN 0.50 and BGN 0.80. It is good to buy them from a grandmother in the market - they taste better, "garden". In hypermarkets, the links are around BGN 0.70-0.80, but they are 1/3 smaller than those in "Fruit and Vegetable".

You can grow fresh green herbs in window boxes. That way you'll have them available all year round.

In addition to cooking, they are also used as a medicinal agent and in home cosmetics.

All spices increase appetite. People who want to lose weight should be careful, and those who want to gain weight should focus on aromatic herbs.

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