Fighting hay fever

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Fighting hay fever
Fighting hay fever

The grass blooms, life is reborn, and we feel like burying ourselves underground and hibernating. Pollen allergies have become one of the most fashionable and ubiquitous scourges of urbanites. Although there is almost no nature left, we continue to suffer more and more. Those who are not concerned about this problem can rejoice because they are one of the few unaffected by spring-summer allergies, but those who have these problems can continue reading, hoping to learn for some new weapon in the unequal fight against hayfever

What not to do

1. Avoid prolonged standing outdoors.

2. It's time to buy a car with air conditioning - it's counterintuitive to open the windows.

3. Sunglasses are a must - at least they protect our eyes a little.

4. It is necessary to take a shower as often as possible in order to wash off the pollen that has got on our body.

5. Dryers were invented for us - under no circumstances should we spread the laundry outside.

6. We must bear in mind that alcohol stimulates the predisposition to allergic reactions.

7. It is good to avoid fresh milk, dairy products and sausages during this season.

8. Avoid allergenic foods containing gluten: wheat, barley, rye bread, yeast.

9. Avoid foods flavored with glutamate such as dry soups and broths.

10. Let's avoid the so-called junk foods: chips, s alty crackers, snacks, fried nuts.

11. Stop drinking soda or drinks sweetened with aspartame.

What to do

1. Let's take more vitamin C - it is an essential antioxidant that keeps the immune system normal and helps the body cope with allergy symptoms more quickly. (lemons, rose hips, red peppers).

2. Let's take fish oil - one of the best anti-inflammatory agents.

3. Let's take bromelanin, it has been shown to relieve runny nose and difficulty breathing - it is found in pineapple.

4. Quercetin – sold as a food supplement in pharmacies and contained in the skins of green apples.

5. Let's drink two liters of water a day.

6. Let's eat a large mixed vegetable salad each.

7. Always choose fruit between meals.

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