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Read more to your kids
Read more to your kids

Юлия Спиридонова - young, cute, ambitious, unconventional, creative - these are just some of the definitions we can give for her. Julia is the author of numerous children's shows on BNT, even more extraordinary tales, but at the same time she is a woman and a mother. Here's a little more about her in this interview especially for "I the Woman", with sincere wishes for many more successes!

What profession did you dream of as a child?

For me, reading has always been magic, but a very complicated magic. Shame, no shame, but for a long time I still couldn't arrange the letters in sentences. But one day I got angry. I found the biggest book at home - "Panchatantra" and read it all. I was in second grade. Then I said to myself: I can read! I can read anything! And I fell in love with books. Especially in children's. That's why I asked to become a children's writer. But I had another dream (because one is not enough). I also wanted to be a ship captain. I made my one dream come true. Now I'm waiting to get angry and drive a ship.

What are your professional ambitions now?

I want my stories to be read by many children (in our country and around the world) - both small and older, and long-grown Kalpasans like me.

Are there times when professionally it is difficult for you as a woman? Or do you feel discriminated against or facilitated by your gender?

In our country, discrimination is not gender, but family and "Shuro-Bajana". In the first case, a woman can fight with dignity. In the second, it cannot.

If you take stock of your journey, what would you point to as your greatest success?

My greatest success is that I make a living (and a good one at that) only from literary writing. For years, a bunch of people said it wasn't possible.

What do you spend more time on - your family or your profession? Circumstances dictate it or is it your decision?

The good thing about my job is that it can be done at home. So I can look after my children alone. The bad thing about my job is that it can be done at home. That way, I don't save a single household duty. What's better than replacing intellectual (writing) with physical (cooking, cleaning, laundry, slapping a naughty ass) labor? (Oh-oh-oh!) P. P. Yes, but now I can write even in the monkey cage! (I work there, right:)

What do you want to teach your children?

To think. To be independent. To work hard and respect the work of others. To believe in the good. To love, to be able to enjoy the little things. Not to lose their sense of humor.

What message would you send to Bulgarian women?

Read more to your kids. Television is a crappy invention.

Favorite color?

I love all the colors.


I like a bunch of styles, from opera to heavy metal. Yulka's track for today - "In My Darkest Hour" by "Megadeth". Tomorrow might be something tamer.


Hot milk with cocoa.



Favorite recipe? Something you enjoy cooking for your family and friends?

Whole wheat pasta with vegetables in the oven

One package of whole wheat pasta is boiled. Separately, in a deeper vessel, stew in olive oil: a chopped onion, a head of garlic (in cloves), a large eggplant pre-cut and s alted (to remove its bitterness), two zucchini cut into cubes. They are stewed a little and then s alt, savory, ground black pepper and coriander, a little basil and a little oregano are added. Then pour in two grated tomatoes. All of this is suffocating.

Pour the finished pasta into a yen dish or a casserole dish. Then the stewed vegetables. Mix carefully. Cover with grated parmesan or cheese. It is baked in the oven until it turns red. It is terribly tasty, but the child does not want to eat it. I make him a ferret on a spit (watch Shrek). Chicken meat or fish (marinated in olive oil and soy sauce, baked), skewered.

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