And there are animal products in sugar?

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And there are animal products in sugar?
And there are animal products in sugar?

Many foods considered suitable for vegan followers contain, which they should not.

We have introduced you to such foods. Unexpectedly traces of animal products can be found in a variety of foods and drinks, from pretzels to wine. It turns out that sugar also makes that list.

Refined sugar is most often made from sugar beet or sugar cane. The two types of sugar taste the same. It would be very difficult for us to recognize which one is made of which product. The differences come from refining itself.

To make sugar from sugar beets it is necessary to remove certain substances and mix with various additives using so-called diffusers, which cause the beets to crystallize.

Sugarcane juice is extracted from the plant by heating until it crystallizes and then filtered with bone charcoal to remove impurities and reach the white color of sugar.

Few people are familiar with this technology. This would be especially important for vegans who seek to observe a complete exclusion of animal products from their menu.

Although sugar filtered with bone charcoal actually does not contain bone particles, she comes into contact with them. This makes it unsuitable for vegans.

Not all types of sugar are refined this way. Some companies use alternatives such as granulated coal to process sugarcane.

How to avoid refining with bone char?

It is best to choose sugar made from sugar beets. With it, charcoal is used very rarely, so it's a more reliable option.

Another option is to buy certified organic sugar from biostores. It does not use bone carbon filtration and other “forbidden” substances.

Read the labels carefully In sugar products whose labels specifically mention “ unrefined ”, “ raw ", " evaporated sugarcane juice", " beet", bone charcoal is not usually used. So choose such products.

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