Foods That Will Terrify Vegetarians

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Foods That Will Terrify Vegetarians
Foods That Will Terrify Vegetarians

food it's obvious where their origin is - we all know what steak was before it became one! It's easy for that - if you choose to eat unprocessed products,you will be sure of what they do and don't contain.

But this does not apply to all foods. Unfortunately, many of the processed and prepared products unexpectedly contain animal products, which is bad news for all vegetarians and vegans who are unaware of what they are consuming. choosing these foods!

Who are they? You will be surprised!

Pretzels and bakery products

Many bakery products contain the amino acid L-cysteine, which is used as a softening agent in the preparation of the products. However, it is derived from human hair or bird feathers and can be found in popular baked goods.

Beer and wine

Some types of beer and wine contain fish glue extracted from the bladder of freshwater fish such as sturgeon. This glue is a gelatin-like substance that is involved in the brewing process of many wines and beers.

This glue is used as a thickener.


Foods that contain gelatin, a protein derived from the collagen in cow or pig bones, skin and connective tissue, is often used as a thickening or stabilizing agent and can be found in hundreds of types of candies, cakes, waffles, biscuits etc

In jelly candies, this substance is found in quite large quantities, and its unpleasant taste is masked with a huge amount of sweeteners and enhancers.


Jelly is used in a similar way. It contains large amounts of animal gelatin, so vegans should be careful and read carefully before consuming a seemingly non-animal product.

Jelly is used to make ready-made sweets, some sour milks, children's desserts, sweets and others.

Omega-3 products

Many products and supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids also contain animal products. Most often, these ingredients are obtained from fish and fish products.

Canned foods

If you buy canned beans, be careful next time - they may contain hydrogenated lard, so watch the labels carefully!


Most chips are flavored and flavored with various artificial flavors and colors. The cheese-flavored ones are flavored with dry cheese powder that contains casein, a whey containing enzymes of animal origin.

Vanilla flavored foods

Although this ploy is extremely rare, it is still possible. Beaver anal secretions are used to flavor various baked goods, candies, alcoholic beverages, puddings, chewing gum, and ice creams.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined this method to be safe, and even the beaver flavor is considered a natural substitute for vanilla essence after certain processing.

White sugar

Actually, sugar is not naturally white. It gets this color after a certain refining process. The processing process involves the use of so-called animal charcoal, which is made from the bones of cattle.

To avoid this unpleasant component, use brown unrefined sugar. It does not undergo processing with animal bone products.

Source: Mother Nature Network

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