Do we listen to our children's dreams?

Do we listen to our children's dreams?
Do we listen to our children's dreams?

Do we have time to hear children's dreams? Sometimes their dreams are so fleeting, fly by so fast that we miss them.

We miss dream after dream… wish after wish. They may be silly, they may be childish, but it is important that we have time to hear them and pay attention to them.

When children are young, they want to share every newfound dream, every impulsive desire. They suddenly decided that they want to become astronauts, the next day after they had a preventive check-up and the doctor seemed very nice to them, they already dream of treating people, then they see a sick kitten and then they dream of treating animals.

Many of us remember that from childhood we dreamed of becoming doctors or teachers and

as they got older this dream got bigger and bigger and finally they realized it.

Others had all kinds of dreams and wishes when they were little, but somehow they were silenced and in the end they can't and can't remember what they dreamed about and what they wanted most as kids.

And kids constantly dream – from what they will be when they grow up to what supernatural powers they wish they had. Have you been asked similar questions?

I already have a top list of supernatural skills and I still can't decide if flying is my first priority or teleportation!

Nothing is known - it's fantasy to me now, but in a few decades people may really be wondering which technology to implement next.

The more we listen to children's dreams and fantasies, the more we get to know them, and they learn to trust us.

Whatever their desires and dreams are, once they know we won't laugh at them or dismiss them as unimportant or impossible, they will learn to share them with us.

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