15 small steps to more he alth

15 small steps to more he alth
15 small steps to more he alth

Maintaining good he alth lies in the small steps we take every day for ourselves. From a cup of herbal tea, to a he althy serving of vegetables at every meal, everything counts when we want to be in good shape.

Many he alth rules, but aren't we forgetting some? Like not skipping breakfast, which shouldn't be a pasta breakfast, counteracting stress, being careful with bad habits, etc.

Today in our he alth column, we are sharing with you 15 easy steps for more he alth.

Every morning start your day with a glass of water with some fresh lemon juice added to it.

Once or twice a week take a relaxing sauna (if you have no he alth problems).

Make fresh vegetable juices. Don't forget about the he althy smoothies that can be part of your diet.

Do you have excess fat around your waist? Get rid of them, they are a prerequisite for the development of a number of he alth problems.

Intake of vitamins and minerals is extremely important for good he alth.

A useful addition to your smoothies and smoothies can be spirulina or moringa powder.

Minimize consumption of packaged foods and sweets.

Meditate at least 5 minutes a day.

Don't forget to hug a loved one, friend every day. So your body releases endorphins that make you feel happy, and happiness is he alth.

Spend enough time in nature.

Avoid foods high in sugar, trans fats. They cause blood sugar imbalances that increase the risk of diabetes and other he alth problems.

Spend your lunch break outside, not in front of the computer eating.

Practice yoga or do light stretching exercises.

Consider supplementing with vitamin D,if you are not getting enough sunlight and consuming good amounts of foods rich in the vitamin.

Don't forget to add useful spices to your daily diet, such as ginger, turmeric. They are rich in important antioxidants, improve digestion, strengthen immunity.

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