Is a he althy child a smart child?

Is a he althy child a smart child?
Is a he althy child a smart child?

Most grandmothers have secretly agreed that the well looked after child is the chubby child, with bracelets on his feet and hands and with big rosy cheeks.

And if, God forbid, the daughter-in-law brings a little weakling to visit them, the grandmother currently feels obliged to give the first lesson in proper nutrition, and especially starting with the practice. Many grandmothers feel that even if the child is left with them for only a week, they must necessarily return it in much better he alth than when they took it. And that means a few extra kilos.

And they are dedicated in this desire – they usually start with a pasta breakfast – who doesn’t remember the delicious grandmother’s pies, mekichki,tutmanicheta and any other delicacies that are hard to resist? I feel like some people are just waiting to get the title of grandma to indulge in extravagant cooking. And that's not bad at all, as long as they cook he althy and tasty.

But another type of grandmothers, in the literal sense of the word, trample the children with whatever they can think of all day long. And grandmothers can be incredibly resourceful. For mischievous children, they are a real nightmare. If you were like that, you may remember as your biggest childhood nightmare the shaking starchy custard in the bowl and grandma's voice - come on eat… you won't play until I see the bowl is empty!

And as soon as the child finishes breakfast, the grandmother rushes to cook lunch - so that the child does not go hungry. Three courses must be served - soup, for the second something tasty - necessarily with meat and something sweet for dessert.

The pans are full - almost like for an adult. And the grandmother gets angry if the child does not eat everything.

And between meals - nothing is denied to the child. Then it's time for chocolates, cookies, waffles, ice cream. This way the child will understand that grandma is good and knows how to take care of him.

And next week he will have reason to want to visit her again and again.

Have you met this type of concerned grandmothers? They unknowingly feed their offspring and make their parents' lives miserable with wise advice.

We need to know that all these tips are really given by them with a pure heart and a sincere desire to help.

But we have to keep in mind that fat cells are formed in the body in early childhood, and if the child has more of them from a young age, it is almost certain that when he grows up he will have problems with overweight. Why is that? Because the number of fat cells cannot be reduced, the cells may become larger or smaller in volume, but their number remains unchanged. So if we've gained more fat cells thanks to our love of grandma's squishy, when we grow up we'll have to constantly be on a diet and complain that no matter what we do, we're still a little chubby. At least women know how unpleasant this moment is. And it is good to protect our children from it. Separately, as a result of improper nutrition and sedentary life from an early age, we may begin to suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other unpleasant diseases.

Here you could counter me by saying, yes, but "at one time I fed ten children". Yes, but we have to keep in mind that the modern way of life is different. As much as we say that Bulgaria is going through various kinds of crises, nowadays there is much more food than in the past. And let me add right away - much more unhe althy food and unfortunately much more poor quality food. If 50 years ago children were fed butter, milk and jam and grew up he althy, running all day in the fields, today it is not so. And we have to keep it in mind when we prepare the children's menu. Let's discuss with the grandmothers - what they can give the child, in what quantities and at what time of day. If we have a common program and agree on the amount of sweets, cereals and snacks, we can each prepare a notebook and write down grandmother's tested recipes. Because every grandmother knows amazing recipes, both tasty and easy, and he althy and cheap. It remains only to convince them that these feasts will be useful for the grandchildren. Such as the famous recipe from a time ago - spring nettle soup.

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