"Arena Armeets" turned out to be narrow for Nikolina Chakardakova's choir

"Arena Armeets" turned out to be narrow for Nikolina Chakardakova's choir
"Arena Armeets" turned out to be narrow for Nikolina Chakardakova's choir

The impressive "Arena Armeets" hall turned out to be cramped for the choir of folk singer Nikolina Chakardakova. The singer's Christmas concert was held under the title " Let's preserve the Bulgarian".

The show itself started with quotes from Paisiy Hilendarski, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev and Ivan Vazov. Meanwhile, 33 drummers entered the hall from the entrances opposite the stage. Their symbolic leader was 6-year-old Ivo.

The concert started with the performance of the song " Wedding". Already during the second song, the audience broke into a dance. Among her was a whole separate sector of spectators who had come in folk costumes. Nevertheless, people with costumes or at least with folklore elements were also visible in the other sectors.

"Now I understand why you didn't choose me as a deputy," Chakardakova began jokingly. According to her, if she had become a representative of the people, maybe there wouldn't be a concert this year.

After that, she did not fail to praise the company that built the hall, wishing for a double size for her 80th anniversary. After a few songs, he corrected himself and wished that the new hall would be ready next year. She promised the audience to hold a concert every year on the same date (December 11).

Chakardakova delighted her fans with her most popular songs, including " Cvetinite ochi", "My native land", "Macedonian girl", "Jovano, Jovanke", "Crazy young", "Back, back, my Kalino".

The spectators, on the other hand, showed enviable dancing skills as they skilfully alternated Pravo horo, Shirto, Raka, Samokovsko, Maleshevsko.

The guest on the stage was Bobby Shapkov, who sang "Ohrid Lake", and before that he performed two duet songs with Chakardakova. After "Ohrid Lake", Boryana Karpuzova, who until then was Chakardakova's vocalist, took center stage on the stage to perform the song "Nikola". After her, the "Neurokopian Dancers" and with them the whole audience sang and danced " Zemi ogin, zapali me".

After these three performances, Chakardakova appeared on a specially erected 4-5 meter high platform in the middle of the hall and performed " Come in, come in, clear Sun". This was followed by a Macedonian bunch of songs, the lyrics of which were written on the screens in the hall, thus resulting in a kind of karaoke. Thus, after the concert that lasted over 3 hours, both old and young were satisfied.

In the crowded parking lot in front of the hall, cars and buses had registrations from all over the country. As a joke, Chakardakova suggested that anyone who is cramped in the hall should also use it to dance a dance.

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