Today is Imported Cheese (Forgiveness)

Today is Imported Cheese (Forgiveness)
Today is Imported Cheese (Forgiveness)

Today is the last Sunday before the beginning of Great Lent or Syropustna Sunday The holiday is also called All Forgiveness Sunday or Прошка On this day, a liturgy is held in Orthodox churches, where the words of Christ are read: "If you do not forgive men their sins, your heavenly Father will not forgive your sins."

On siri zagovezni, the ritual of forgiveness is held. Thus, each person asks for forgiveness from his loved ones and from God, uttering the traditional words of forgiveness: "Forgive!" and receiving the answer "Forgiven!

One week after the meat market, on the festive table there should be cheese pie, dishes prepared with dairy products, festive pita, fish, dishes prepared without meat, halva or boiled eggs.

On Sirupustna Sunday, another ritual is performed called hamkane, which is the most fun for children. On a red thread that hangs from the ceiling, grandmothers tie a small piece of halva, cheese or a boiled egg. Everyone sits in a circle around the table and with their mouths try to catch what is tied on the string.

According to another folk custom, big fires should be lit to jump over. This custom mainly involves young men, who also shoot fiery arrows into the yards of those maidens they like. The custom is done for he alth, fertility and banishing evil forces.

After Sirni Zagovezni, the Easter fasting begins.

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