How to save in January?

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How to save in January?
How to save in January?

When January comes around, many people suddenly think they need to save to get through the month. And maybe not only this month, but several next months as well. How is this supposed to happen? Well, very simple - by not spending more than necessary in December!

Yes, but this simple way is not beneficial to many people, because they think that the holidays should be celebrated properly, not exposed to the family. After all, all the relatives will leave expensive gifts under the tree - we can't be the only ones not to present ourselves well. All friends will go to a restaurant - we can't sit at home. And all kinds of very important arguments that ultimately lead to our predictions coming out wrong and we find ourselves on the brink of bankruptcy at the beginning of the new year. Language for all bold plans and promises.

And again we come to how to spend more economically and how to spend a meter with the January holidays, which are also not few - all kinds of name days - Midsummer Day, St. Jordan's Day, Birthdays, maybe birthdays. And even if we don't have any reason to celebrate or give gifts, we still have to live and pay bills.

Nowadays paying the bills is synonymous with living because in fact every simple balance sheet shows that the average Bulgarian who works for one salary and does not steal - this is very important to emphasize… these days he mostly works to pay off debts and bills. Well, of course except for all the lucky ones who can boast that they work and live for much higher purposes and pleasures.

Maslow's pyramid may for many people in January be quite flattened, to put it bluntly, it's a pancake and only enough for the most basic needs.

And that is why I say again that it is important for this type of people to learn to make more effective personal financial plans and if they have to plan for the New Year from April, for to be able to meet all anticipated and unforeseen expenses.

But bearing in mind that very often unexpected expenses are more than expected and all bills come out empty handed, we still have to think and share ways how to pass more thinly or if possible a straight meter…

How to save ourselves?

Doyazhdame - if we have stocked up on a lot of food for the holidays and there is still something left, we use it in an economical diet mode - soups, beans, potato salads, rice, spaghetti, macaroni. You will not be afraid - each meal lasts three days and whoop, the month has rolled. And don't forget the lean pizza and gypsy pie - it's not that it's not he althy, but that's not the purpose of the class - you'll both lose weight and not spend.

Strike – it's a bit cold for strikes, especially hunger strikes and unsponsored ones, but we'll still think of some socially significant cause to stand for. There are so many that fit – the question is whether it squeezes us. One month in a tent - we don't need food, electricity, television, and there is some chance of becoming world famous, if we are not quickly kicked in some ward or psychiatric hospital (but they are full). This idea is obviously stupid - don't tell anyone I gave it to you!!!

Guests - any good person can invite us as guests, and here we save you another meal. Yes, but what will we bring - how about we sacrifice the expensive gifts we received at Christmas - people will be happy about them, and we won't be ashamed. And for next year, we will do our math better, so that we have enough to buy gifts for the directories, and we can use our gifts with he alth.

Well, some people go even further by making a frill on the house and gifting everything that seems unnecessary but appropriate to them - just be careful not to turn out that mother-in-law Ivanka gave you this boring and unnecessary gift vase just a few years ago for a birthday - then you will definitely come out very s alty!

Loans – this is the most unpleasant (at least for me). Some people are used to living their whole lives in loans and credits, sometimes returned, sometimes not, and for them January will pass easily and quickly. The others, the prouder ones, who don't want to go into debt and bother anyone, let them think about it, because bills with a bottle of wine or homemade plum juice are hard to pay.

Prayer - Fasting and prayer - now is the time! It's easy to believe in a miracle when we don't have to, but to see if we can when we're really pressed by huge unsolvable problems and bills. They say that miracles happen at Christmas - not to say that they deafen our ears with this refrain. And why doesn't anyone say that miracles happen in January? They should happen anytime, right?

Savings – shopping at cheaper stores. The problem is if we shopped at the cheapest anyway. Sealing windows and doors - we already sealed them at the beginning of winter! No shopping for clothes and shoes - that's it, it's missing anyway, shopping is hanging out in the mall with girlfriends and a good-bye coffee. It turns out to be quite complicated to come up with ideas for reducing January spending and living to paycheck. All we have to do is argue in silence and bring sandwiches from home.

What are your January savings ideas? Say them to yourself, even if they're not worth saying, aren't the comments anonymous!!!

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