How to live with an evil neighbor?

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How to live with an evil neighbor?
How to live with an evil neighbor?

Living with a evil neighbor is almost the same as having a bad mother-in-law Even worse - you might get lucky the mother for your husband to live far away from you, while you and your neighbor are destined to share a front door and a wall for many years. With the mother-in-law there is a chance to find a common language - for the sake of the man and the child, because of your family debt and with the help of diplomacy and manipulation. On the stranger, the techniques of influence are more limited.

It's almost impossible to get along with her. He doesn't listen and doesn't understand what you say, he twists your words and on top of everything he claims against you and spreads false gossip that harms your image. It is clear that the woman stands on a lower rung than you - it is not about a degree or a profession, but about heart, soul and spirit. Usually, people like her are not liked by the other neighbors in the block/neighborhood. Which cohabitation approach to choose?

What called - so called

Ask a psychologist and he will tell you to analyze your state and thoughts. Perhaps you also have a dislike for her, which she has subconsciously sensed and is now projecting it onto you. The way out is to imagine that you are living next to the kindest, most amiable and helpful woman, who is kind and glad for your company and loves you almost as much as her own sister or daughter. Do the exercise every day in the morning and evening for 2-3 minutes and soon the situation will improve.

Return evil with good

Treat her well as if nothing happened. Treat her to a homemade pie if she's older than you, offer to take out her trash, pay her bills, do her shopping, congratulate her, ask her for advice. If she doesn't change her attitude towards you, her own malice will eat her up from the inside.

Don't stand in front of her eyes

Be shorter than grass and quieter than water. The evil neighbor is full of malice and envy. She can harm you even with her thought. And it definitely spoils the whole aura of the co-op, don't let her point her evil tongue directly at your apartment. Ignore her and pretend she doesn't exist.

Put a talisman on your door

Believe these things or not, but they may make sense - place a protective symbol on the outside and inside of your front door: a pot of geraniums, a mirror, a twig, wrapped with a red thread, or a red souvenir. Call a priest to bless your apartment.

Don't start a war

Don't start a fight that could turn into a war - it's like fighting an energy vampire, you don't know how evil and endless her capabilities and stamina are. Only engage in a verbal firefight with her if you're sure that you have enough emotional and intellectual strength for this. Remember that every negative emotion you display drains your mental energy. So it's best to keep the bad girl at bay.

Exercise your nerves

Learn to meditate, sign up for yoga, listen to classical music. You have little stress at work, so you don't have peace at home either.

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