What should the children have for breakfast?

What should the children have for breakfast?
What should the children have for breakfast?

What should be the children's food? Every mother faces this dilemma. Every day. And we always start with breakfast.

If we are at home and not in a hurry to go out, it is an easier idea to make a he althy, beautiful, and calorie breakfast.

However, if we have to be quick and with one hand to grease a slice, with another to talk on the phone, with a third to fix a backpack, with a fourth to iron an unironed skirt… then… I think of a joke about the bear - " as many hands as you have, you will take out, it is a bear'. And so do we - this is preparation for a quick launch into the orbit of the working woman and mother

And because of this, breakfast options are decreasing:

The fastest, easiest – sandwich – bread, butter, cheese, eggs, sausage, vegetables – whatever your child likes. You can add olives and a glass of milk.

Toast – this is another quick version of the sandwich. Its advantage is that it is at least warm - be it with cheese or ham - children like them.

Princess – minced meat, cheese, combined. Toasted sandwiches again require just one idea more effort and time and your kids will be happy with the crispy slice. If you add cucumbers and tomatoes, you won't go wrong.

The tastiest – pancakes. Usually, most children love pancakes, but unfortunately they are not made as quickly as we would like and they remain as a holiday menu for the days when we are on vacation and are not in a hurry to go out early in the morning.

During the week, we may replace the pancakes with something faster - waffles. If we made the mixture the night before, we just pour and bake. What kids love them with – usually with strawberry jam! We might experiment with offering them honey and nuts. They might like it.

Breakfast that children make themselves – muesli and milk. This is already for many busy parents - we can easily teach children to pour milk and muesli and eat breakfast. If they are smaller, we still have to at least warm their fresh milk or take the sour cream out of the fridge so that it is not too icy. Muesli breakfast is he althy and can be varied with different nuts, pieces of different fruits.

Fruits – bananas. They are for even busier parents who even went out before the child had breakfast. Bananas are both nutritious and useful.

The more exemplary mothers maybe manage to make a homemade pie, soft drinks, fruit smoothie, freshly squeezed juice, scrambled eggs or some other delicacy.

And you, what do you manage to offer your child as breakfast in the busy schedule?

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