Wine and taste for connoisseurs

Wine and taste for connoisseurs
Wine and taste for connoisseurs

Entering the restaurant "Hajidraganovi izby" you find yourself in an atmosphere of old wine cellars with stone walls and barrels next to the walls.

In the making of the "Hadji Dragan cellars" lies the legend of Hadji Dragan - the shepherd who organized the construction of the beautiful houses from Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna, Bansko and Melnik in the center of Sofia - today restaurant "Hadjidraganovi houses". Wine collected from different parts of Bulgaria matured in his cellars. Hadji Dragan's cellar was famous, where you could find wine for every taste.

Silence, the smell of old wine and coolness greeted the guests. In the twilight of the gas lamps, you could see the barrels, arranged in long and slender rows, and on the dusty shelves with straw lay meekly the bottles of selected wine.

“Hadjidragan cellars” offer typical Bulgarian national cuisine with dishes prepared on the stove, oven and grill, which every Bulgarian can be proud of. The menu contains selected Bulgarian speci alties - Karabunar salad, Hadji salad, Melnishka salad, hajdushka grilled on a wooden plate, lamb in the Gergovski oven, Komit sofra for six, mixed hajdushka, Tabietli sofra, Balkan grill for four, Chirpan keremida, klopanitsa, homemade biscuit cake, Turkish delight pie, etc.

For good company, wines and drinks carefully selected by connoisseurs and connoisseurs are available, and Bulgarian folk songs will remind you of our roots.

Here is the festive New Year's menu for 2008

Variant I

New Year's fresh salad

(selected lettuce leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, homemade ajvar, sausage, roasted peppers, fresh s alted cheese and Chechtin)

Cabbage Sarmi

(cabbage sardines prepared here with chopped meat and smoked breast, served with grilled sauce)

Roasted pork neck according to Plovdiv recipe

(pork neck aged in a marinade of Plovdiv mavrud and herbs from Thrace, served with mushroom sauce, slices of baked potatoes, whole onions, carrots and celery)

Crispy Basket

(basket full of rachel of green figs and fragrant mint leaves)

A piece of freshly baked pie in our oven

Option II

New Year's salad with stuffed tomato

(a basket of ripe tomatoes, stuffed with fresh s alted cheese and green olives, on a bed of pickled zucchini, a ball of milk salad, a ball of kepolu and olive oil)

Grilled foie gras

(goose liver marinated with aromatic herbs and pink peppercorns, served with a slice of cornbread and pieces of dried apricot and flavored with rosemary)

Chicken roll according to Silistren recipe

(tender chicken fillet stuffed with pieces of smoked cheese, ham, pickles, roasted pepper, covered with melted cheese sauce and garnished with stewed vegetables and dill potatoes)

A piece of “chess” cake with vanilla sauce

A piece of freshly baked pie in our oven

For each of our guests a piece of fortune pie

and New Year's gift

(and for the luckiest gold coin)


(sausage, yellow cheese, cheese, pastrami)

Hadjidragan cellars - wine and taste for connoisseurs

Hadzhidraganovite izby is at Hristo Belchev 18 and works every day from 11:30 a.m. to 02:00 a.m., Phone for reservations: 981 81 48

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