69 tested aphrodisiacs by Petya Petkova-Stifler

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69 tested aphrodisiacs by Petya Petkova-Stifler
69 tested aphrodisiacs by Petya Petkova-Stifler


"Remember that great love and great success always involve great risk," said the Dalai Lama. But so that you don't have to risk it, Petya Petkova-Stifler offers you 69 tested aphrodisiacs, with which you can quickly and safely reach love… or reawaken it! Because there is no lifetime guarantee in the relationship. The only thing that is certain is that the desire to give selflessly always gives results. Therefore, do not save your time, feelings, inspiration for those you love. We offer you 69 ways to check if love really goes through the stomach.

About the author

Petya Petkova-Stifler is a famous cook, author of "111 recipes around the world", participant in the show Lord of The Chefs, part of "Girls from the City". She likes to experiment with different flavors and aromas, and whatever she cooks, she puts her whole heart into it.

“I started working on the book with the clear awareness that I am neither a doctor, nor a nutrition consultant, nor a sex expert, nor a photographer, but a culinary enthusiast, filled with a great desire for my recipes with their "ritual" preparation and taste to contribute to coziness and beautiful human relationships.

I am so pleased when people around me feel good when they turn an ordinary treat of mine into an unforgettable, fragrant memory! I would like to convey this feeling to you, dear foodies. Of course, in order for a dinner to be wonderful, many other factors are needed besides the delicious food – a cozy atmosphere, people with charisma and above all, that everything is prepared with love. I tried to offer you recipes that are applicable in everyday life, and not ones whose photos you can only admire.

Who doesn't want to be liked and desired?

We are made to love and be loved. Without this great feeling, our life would be very gray and boring. Why do we want to be beautiful, smart, fresh, interesting… only for ourselves or a little for others too?

Each of us has a muse or is a muse for someone. But sometimes, lost in everyday life, we forget to listen to our natural instinct to distinguish the real from the fake, the beautiful from the vulgar…

Over the years, we begin to take everything for granted, stop trying and keep the fire burning in the relationship. But in love, as in everything else, there is no lifetime guarantee.

Let's remember how much we did, pleased, tried, sacrificed for the beloved at the beginning of the relationship!

With this book, I want to instill in people a desire to give selflessly - their time, their feelings, their inspiration to the people dear to their heart.

Good begets good! Let's not spare kind words and gestures to our loved ones. They need it, even if they don't show it.

And whether love passes through the stomach… I leave it to you to discover. But one thing is certain – without a kind word, warmth, self-sacrifice and love, food cannot be exciting and contribute to comfort in our homes and hearts.

Nothing and no one can take away my conviction that the good in a person is more than the bad. We just have to keep it up with more goodness!

If I could hug the whole world, I would!”

“Give yourself to love and cooking with all your heart.”

Dalai Lama

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