The presenter of "The Day ON AIR" Ganiela Angelova: I observe all the traditions of Easter

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The presenter of "The Day ON AIR" Ganiela Angelova: I observe all the traditions of Easter
The presenter of "The Day ON AIR" Ganiela Angelova: I observe all the traditions of Easter

Ganiela Angelova is the host of Bulgaria ON AIR Every weekday evening, viewers meet with experts who analyze the topics of the day in the political commentary transmission "". Along with leading political figures, she has interviewed world stars such as Chris Norman, Al Bano, Jose Carreras, Plácido Domingo, U2, C-Block and many others.

Ganiela has many years of experience in television journalism - she hosted a journalistic and economic show, news broadcasts and a morning block. Out of the limelight, the presenter is devoted to her family and taking care of her son. In her spare time she likes to read and travel.

Today, Ganiela Angelova is a guest in our column " She, the star" to tell us how she welcomed the Easter holidays, as well as what challenges she faces during the state of emergency.

How was the preparation for the great Christian holiday Easter?

This Easter was different. Sad is the sight of empty churches, faceless people in the streets and eyes full of fear. Hopefully we will learn from this pandemic, hopefully we will rearrange our priorities… I am a little skeptical that it will happen. Bulgarian society is divided. Some follow the rules, others drink beer in the gardens. This is how I saw him this Easter…

And the preparation was no different from other times. Maybe there were more flowers and decorations, with the idea of taking a little break from the distressing situation.


Do you have favorite recipes or culinary traditions that you follow every year for the holiday?

I try to observe the traditions - the first egg should be red and be placed in front of the icon, there should be kozunak and lamb on the table. Admittedly, home cooking is my favorite. He prepares the evening's lamb according to a special recipe. I can't tell you because she's keeping it a secret. The dish has a unique taste! My task is to make different salads and the festive decoration of the table. I like to touch the details.


How do you keep fit during the state of emergency and home isolation?

I miss the gym. I do different exercises at home with planks and bands, but it's not the same.

What activities do you use to diversify your time at home?

On weekdays, my time is dedicated to work and preparation for the show "The Day ON AIR". But the weekends have changed. I love to travel with my family, but this is not possible for now. We read books, watch movies and try to discover the positives of the quarantine.

What did you manage to do during the emergency that you didn't have time for before?

I made my terrace beautiful. It seems like something simple, but due to my busy daily life, I didn't have time for it.

Your wish to the readers, how to keep a good mood in the emergency situation for everyone?

Pay attention to your loved ones! Don't lose faith and hope! Follow the rules and know that everything is in our hands! We have to get used to living with this virus. Little by little, his strength will weaken, but so that there are no deadlocks, let's help the medics! Let's stay at home and enjoy our loved ones, rediscover them! Let's read a book we haven't had time for, for example. Believe me, it all depends on us! Let's be ResponsibleAtHome.

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