MasterClass on the preparation of pizza-dessert by Chef Rado Kiryazov

MasterClass on the preparation of pizza-dessert by Chef Rado Kiryazov
MasterClass on the preparation of pizza-dessert by Chef Rado Kiryazov

Today at 21:00 on MasterChef on bTV Chef Viktor Angelov, Chef Andre Tokev and Chef Petar Mikhalchev will challenge the contenders for the MasterChef title and the grand prize of BGN 100,000 to enter a team battle. This time they will have to prepare three dishes - fish, meat and vegetarian, three portions each within 60 minutes.

The big surprise is that team captains will have to step into the role of managers, which will take away their ability to cook. The desire to win will oppose the impossibility of taking a direct part in the process, harmony in the team will be achieved at the cost of swallowing personal ego, classics will compete with fusion, and calmness will infuriate demanding leaders.

The hard-to-achieve understanding will take the form of beautiful presentations, unexpected but harmonious combinations, "werewolf dishes", the perfect geometry and individual victories.

Baby salad with beans and quinoa will compete with gnocchi with cottage cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms and artichoke, halibut with dashi broth and dragon fruit - with paella with seafood and mayonnaise with garlic and parsley, and pork with asparagus and breaded bread – with pork tenderloin in jamon and mashed potatoes.

And which three contestants will defend their place in the top 5 hobby cooks of Bulgaria, the viewers will see tonight. The team that fails to impress the demanding jury will meet a Chef with titles from dozens of international competitions, who started 15 years ago from the lowest rung in the kitchen, and today is a lecturer at 4 renowned academies and a member of the World Pizza Federation.

The President of the Bulgarian Association of Pizzerias Chef Rado Kiryazov will give a lesson on the preparation of classic pizza, dessert pizza and calzone pizza in a special MasterClass. The specialist will also surprise them with a world-class professional oven that bakes 6 pizzas in 120 seconds. Flour, yeast, kvass, s alt, olive oil and water, aged for a minimum of 24 hours, turn into a fine dough for a crispy sandwich in the hands of the master.

He will demonstrate the ins and outs of making a Margarita, rolling and "stitching" a calzone, airing and topping a sweet pizza. What is the formula for the perfect dough, how many products should be loaded with the Italian classic, how to get a perfect board and who will be able to repeat Chef Kiryazov's difficult lesson as well as possible, viewers will see tonight.

In the culinary duel that will send one gladiator out of the MasterChef kitchen, two contenders will have to prove that they can source the best products at the best price. They will shop in time, with their exchange currency being 18 notes at 5 minutes. It depends on them what and how long they will prepare, but their goal will be sophisticated gourmet.

One step away from the top 5, the stakes and ambition will be high, and duck breast and lamb chops will decide the fate of foodies in a matter of minutes. Improvisations and last-minute attempts will make hobby cooks proud of themselves, but only one of them will remain in the battle for the MasterChef title and the grand prize of BGN 100,000. Who will be the author of the worthy dish?

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